The Perfect Hawaiian Sunrise

My and my boyfriend Carl had decided to "become an item" on August 23rd 2002. After a few years, we agreed that if we were together for 10 years, we would celebrate by going to Hawaii!

A Puzzling Engagement

“Where’d that puzzle come from?” I asked when I came home from Brick Street in Oxford late Friday afternoon.

Come fly with me

Starting in September of 2011, Hayden had told me we had to attend a Christmas Party of one of his clients on December 17th.

Emergency Room

On February 14,2010 my boyfriend proposed to me. It wasn't a good day though, well until then. I was actually scheduled till 7pm and I had gone into work at 10:30am, which SUCKED!!

"Clam digging"


My fiance, his brother and sister in law, and his parents had a weekend planned to go to the beach and stay in a cabin and go clam digging.

In Dairy Queen Parking Lot

This isn't a very long story, but it's not what I would of planned. I had just gotten off work at Dairy Queen and I was going to start my bronco when it wouldn't start.