Helicopter Proposal Story

On April 4th, 2012, Lauren woke up, got ready, and went to work like any other weekday. It was around 7 AM, and she woke up Sean to say goodbye like she does every morning.

The Ultimate Lip Dub Proposal

beach Video

Wow! This one has it all! A walk through the park, a lip dub, a great song, a video from friends and family, a romantic beach proposal, candle lit after party, cupcakes, fireworks!?

The Perfect Hawaiian Sunrise

My and my boyfriend Carl had decided to "become an item" on August 23rd 2002. After a few years, we agreed that if we were together for 10 years, we would celebrate by going to Hawaii!

Beach Photobomb Proposal

beach Video

Chris proposes to his girlfriend Heather with a photobomb while having their picture taken on the beach. This is the first photobomb proposal we've seen!

4th times a charm.....kinda

In Cuba, Brendan had been planning to propose the first night at a fondue restaurant.

"Clam digging"


My fiance, his brother and sister in law, and his parents had a weekend planned to go to the beach and stay in a cabin and go clam digging.