"Clam digging"


My fiance, his brother and sister in law, and his parents had a weekend planned to go to the beach and stay in a cabin and go clam digging. it was apparently his sister in laws first time clam digging. My dad and stepmom were meeting up with us the day after we got there. As soon as they got to the cabin we all went to the beach to "check out the tide." We were all standing around and his sister in law told us she wanted to take a picture. My fiance put his arm around my shoulder like we were going to take a picture and asked me "are you ready for this?" " thinking he was talking about the picture i said yes. Then he said "this weekend was never about them" then he got on his knee and said " it was about you, will you marry me?" I was completely stunned and kinda laugh cried and finally said yes. I loved the whole weekend and my ring is perfect. He did such a good job.