Proposal Ideas

We've assembled a list of proposal ideas in part from our engagement stories to help get your creative juices flowing. There are ideas that range from fun and flirtatious to down right romantic. Check them out and give us some ideas of your own....

Holiday Fun

  • Pumpkin Carving- Challenge your sweetie to a pumpkin carving contest. Imagine how how surprised they will be when instead of a ghoulish face you present a gushy "Will you marry me".
  • Snowman- Build a snowman together and add the most unusual finishing touch of a ring box in your snowman's arms.
  • Mistletoe- Usually she only gets a kiss, this time she'll find you on one knee.

Fun & Games

  • Scrabble - A friendly game of scrabble has never been so romantic as when you spell out the words, will you marry me.
  • Hang Man - How many tries will it take them to guess this 4 word phrase "will you marry me"!?

Public Displays of Affection

  • Lights On Broadway - Imagine the surprise when on the way to your favorite show you ask this special question.
  • Take Me Out To The Ballgame - Pop the question on the big board.

Additional Ideas?

Share your ideas with us and we will add them to our list.