Ten Signs She’s Waiting for You to Propose

The signs that a woman would like to get married might seem blindingly obvious to another woman, but many men go about their daily lives blissfully unaware that their girlfriend is eagerly awaiting a proposal. Here are ten tell-tale signs that she’d like to become your fiancée.

  1. She tries out your name with hers. She might put her first name and your surname together as a joke, or comment on how it sounds, or she might try double-barreling your names to see if they work together.
  2. She talks about the future. Whether it’s discussing having children, talking about dream vacations(read honeymoon) she’d like to go on together, or thinking about where you’d eventually like to live, if she suddenly begins to plan long term it’s a sign she’s ready to get married.
  3. She gives proposal advice. Even if her remarks are general and relate to other people’s engagements such as, "I’d never say yes to anyone unless they’d asked my dad first", or "If I ever got engaged I’d really like to choose my own engagement ring", they’re definitely aimed at you and you should take heed.
  4. She plays romantic music. If she plays a lot of romantic tunes, especially your song, this might be a signal. If she comments on how great one of the songs would be for a first dance then you can be sure that’s what she has in mind.
  5. She watches wedding TV. Whether she flicks through the channels and happens to find a wedding show, she accompanies a friend who’s getting married to a wedding event, or she picks up a wedding magazine, an interest in wedding trends is a sure indication she’d like to be a bride.
  6. She asks your opinion on weddings. If you find your girlfriend asking questions like "Do you think brides should get married in white?" or "Who would you have as your best man if you got married?" she’s probably trying to figure out how much weddings have been on your mind recently.
  7. She remarks on other weddings. When you’re guests at another wedding and your girlfriend starts to complement or criticize the table decorations, the catering arrangements, and the wedding entertainment, she’s probably mentally planning her own wedding day.
  8. She starts saving up. Major financial changes often mean someone is planning a corresponding life change. Maybe she’s suggested merging your finances, or perhaps she’s talking about saving for the future. This is often a sign she’s like to move things along a little.
  9. She calls your folks Mom and Dad. It might be as subtle as referring to herself as Aunty to your nieces or nephews, or as blatant as calling your family Mom, Dad or Sis, but once she starts to talk about herself as part of your family you can be sure she’s keen to make it more formal.
  10. She checks out wedding venues. If you’re out for dinner at a nice restaurant, staying in a fancy hotel, or walking in a beautiful garden, and she utters the words "this would be a lovely place for a wedding" she’s already got it all planned out.