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Romantic Proposal

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At 26 minutes, this video looks a bit intimidating. Trust us, it's well worth the time.

I Would Walk 5000 Miles

Engagement Videos Video

Jack Hyer proposes to his girlfriend after writing down after their first date that "I'm going to marry this girl, eventually".


I moved out to New York City for grad school in the summer of 2011. I grew up in Downey, CA my entire life and I needed a change of scenery.

Logan and Kate: When Distance Doesn't Matter

It was Saturday, April 26, 2014. I knew that it was the big day! I started off that normal Saturday by taking Kate to one of her favorite restaurants in California: P.F.

Danielle & Jeffery's Proposal LIVE ON TV

I was proposed to on January 15, 2014 on LIVE TV at the end of my newscast.