Where Dreams Came True

Eric and I went to Disney World in celebration of his grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. On July 1, 2009 we visited Disney's Magic Kingdom. The day started like all of the other days, riding rides and walking around the park. That afternoon we made our way over to Jasmines ride and before we got on a woman named Kate came over to us that worked for magic kingdom and asked us if we would be Magic Kingdoms family of the day in celebration of Eric grandparents wedding anniversary. Kate told us of the perks that come with being the family of the day was to have a photo shoot at Cinderella's wishing well, which is obviously by the castle! All 10 of us went over to the wishing well and were given a penny to throw in to the wishing well and made a wish. Kate told us that she was really nosy and wanted to know what we all wished for. Eric was instructed to go first and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!!!! The whole thing was perfect and I was so surprised! After the engagement we were taken over to the carosel where the whole family got to ride on it and Eric rode on Prince Charming horse and I rode on Cinderella's horse. Not only did we get engaged we had lunch in Cinderella's castle were I got to have my picture made with all of the princesses. We were given VIP seating to watch the Magic Kingdom parade down main street and all of the character came up to us congratulating us on our engagement. We were given bride and groom mickey ears with our names on the back and were made prince and princess of the day at Magic Kingdom. We had a personal congratulations letter from Mickey and Minnie, and got a bag of Tinkerbell's wishing dust. I was so surprised and had no clue!!

That night we had reservations to eat at Hollywood studios. We got to the diner to eat and a photographer came in to the restaurant and asked where the engaged couple was so she could take our picture. As she was taking our pictures my parents and younger sister walked in! They had flown down and surprised me! I thought they were in Ohio visiting my Grandmother while I was in Disney with Eric' family! I was shocked and had no idea about the whole thing! My parents had been in Disney World the whole time and new about it all!

Eric and I are so excited to finally be engaged!!!! We will be getting married on June 12, 2009!