sun set point

I have been dating my fiance Robert for 4 years now. we meet at a wedding and always dreamed of having one of our own but i never thought he would propose to me. I dropped a few hints telling him how nice it would be to get of the boy friend, girl friend thing and go to the fiance and fiancee names but it never seamed to get work. i though that i should give up, he'll do what he wants when he's ready so i waited. well on July 7th 2008 that moment i've always dreamed of came true. we went out to a nice dinner and decied to go out to sun set point a place near my house. i looks out on lake superior and when the sun sets its the most romantic place in the town. while sitting in his truck watching the sun set he leaned over and asked me if i loved him, and i told him the same thing i always do " you know i love you, why do you ask" he just looked at me with a smile i knew all to well, i asked him what he had and he pulled out this little blue bag and my heart skipped a beat i knew that bag. he told me to open it and inside there was a tiny blue box i just looked at it and he took it from me and opened the box and said " Jacquelyn i love you so much will you marry me?" i just gave him a huge huge and said yes. That is a story i will never forget, the day i got my fiance.