Little League Game

My name is Becca and I live in western South Dakota. All my life I've been a big baseball fan. First a Giants fan as a little girl, then later a Twins fan as an adult. But I had never been to a major league game, seeing how no teams play in the area.

When Zufraast proposed to me, he knew I'd dreamed of a proposal on the big screen at the stadium, but all we had in town was the Little League team. Rather than take me to a real game, he hired a friend who worked at Daktronics (makers of the big Jumbotron scoreboards) to bring a big screen to the Little League game and place it in the outfield. I thought it was for the kids, but during the third inning I was amazed to see my face on the screen. The next thing I knew, Zufraast was asking for my hand in marriage. It was cute and obviously a nice effort, so I said yes.

To make our wedding day perfect, I was shocked to find out his groomsmen were all former major league players, though I couldn't recognize a single name, and after further research still can't find any record of these players. But Zu is the greatest and I love him.