Halloween Handywork

It was a balmy Friday night, October 28th, 2005. After a hectic week of social engagements, the couple opted for a quiet Friday night at home, the first in about four months.

Little did Stacie know, what was meant to be a nice quiet evening would evolve into a heated pumpkin carving contest. James "Pumpkin Master" Goodrich had denied Stacie several previous pumpkin carving opportunities, and she was ready to rise to the challenge.

Knowing that Stacie's pumpkin carving talents would quickly surpass his, James insisted that they compete using pre-drafted carving templates. The couple each strategically chose a carving station; each pumpkin hidden from the competitor's eye. After 45 minutes of heated carving with few words spoken, the contestants were ready for the show-down.

The competitors carried their masterpieces outside armed with a candle and matches. Stacie, confident that victory would soon be hers, went first. Her Jack-O-Lantern with the dual optical illusion of a pumpkin face and hanging bat was unbeatable...so she thought.

As they reviewed her work of art, she questioned James, "Are you nervous now, I bet you can't beat that?"

"Yeah, I'm a little nervous" was his reply.

"Ok, let's see yours."

"Alright turn around" said James.

Despite her love of competition, Stacie began to think that James was taking the contest a little too far. She was ready to claim her victory and feast on some roasted pumpkin seeds.

"OK, turn around."

Stacie turned to find James on one knee and a pumpkin flickering a short distance past him. As the light source flashed and dimmed, Stacie was able to make out his carving. To confirm the vision, with a wavering voice, James spoke the words that would change their lives forever.

"Will you marry me?"