Dream Come True

Well, my engagement was a dream come true!!! My name is Misty, and my fiancé’s name is Thomas. We have been together for almost 5 years. We met in high school, (we both worked together at the time.) Thomas had just graduated, and I was still a junior. We were together through my high school years, and on into college. Our relationship was long distance while I was in college, but we made it work! Now on to the engagement...This summer, Thomas told me we were going to take a vacation to Dallas for the weekend. I was really excited, because we needed a weekend away, and he had never taken an official vacation! While planning the vacation, he refused to tell me any details! I did not know where we were staying, our flight numbers, anything! This made me anxious, because I wanted to know so bad so I could plan things! Anyway, on the way to the airport for our first official day of vacation, Thomas hands me my boarding pass and told me to look over it to make sure it is correct. I opened it and looked and it said "Tulsa to St. Louis, then St. Louis to Orlando!" I turned to him looking confused, and he said "we're going to Disney World!" Immediately, I began to cry hysterically! I LOVE DISNEY WORLD! My brother lives in Orlando so being able to see my brother meant so much to me as well. Going to Disney World was the surprise of a lifetime, so I thought! On our second day of vacation, we spent time in Disney's Hollywood theme park (so much fun), then that night we went to the Magic Kingdom. Every night, they have a big magical parade, and at the end of the night the turn off all the lights in the park ,and light up Cinderella’s castle. Then they have a big fireworks show called "Wishes." The show is the ultimate Disney experience because during the show it talks about wishing upon a star, dreams coming true, and fairy tale endings. Before the show, we ate a hot dog, and Thomas seemed like he wasn't feeling good. He was sweating a lot, and eating FAST! Before the show, we found a spot in front of the castle and prepared for it to begin. My brother and his fiancé spent the day with us, so we stood together and admired the castle before the show. Then the lights went out, and the show BEGAN! During the show Thomas leaned over and said, "I love you...and kissed my cheek!" I said "I love you too...and can't believe we are here!" During the show, the music in the background was talking about wishes, and dreams. About half-way through the show, Thomas hugs me, and said "you know what I wish..." I said, "What?" Then he reached for his pocket, pulled out the box with the ring, got on one knee in front of everyone, and said "for you to be my wife!" I Bawled!!!! I could not believe what was happening! I covered my face with my hands, and stood there in shock! Thomas had to remind me to give him my hand to put the ring on! I was in shock and could not stop crying! Thomas had taken me all the way to Orlando to Disney World to propose to me in front of Cinderella’s castle, during the “Wishes” fireworks show!! The ring box even had a little light in it so I could see it during the show! After he put the ring on my finger we held each other and just took in the moment! The rest of show was just amazing, the firework still going off, the music…Wow! The rest of the vacation went Great, but I will never forget that night in front of the castle!