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We're looking for stories from all different perspectives. Whether you did the proposing or were the one that was proposed to, tell us your story! Maybe you're story is unique or you're just looking to share it with the world, we want to know all the details.

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Think you're proposal was romantic, creative, or unique? Maybe you're just looking to tell the world how you went about it? In any case, we'd love to hear about the feelings you had leading up to the proposal. Did you ask for permission? How did you know you were ready? Spin your story any way you want and share as much or little as you'd like. All stories are posted anonymously without poster information.


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You'd been waiting so long for it to finally happen and now it has. So, don't you think you should tell us all about how it happened? Were you caught completely off guard? Was it a public proposal or an intimate moment? Was it everything you thought it would be and more? Tell us all about how you were proposed to! All stories are posted anonymously without poster information.

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If you are already a facebook user you can install the HowIGotEngaged facebook application and submit your story there. The facebook application allows you to submit your story from facebook and will notify people via your feed that your story has been submitted.


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Not engaged yet but know exactly how you want it to go down? What a better way to drop to drop a hint then to post your ideal engagement story and send it to that special someone disguised as something you "found" online. How creative can you be? What would be unique about your unique about your engagement? Tell us all today! All stories are posted anonymously without poster information.