Epic Mickey received mixed to positive reviews,with a score of 72.57% on GameRankings and 73/100 on Metacritic. I absolutely love Ortensia! The game was released on November 25, 2010 in Europe, November 30, 2010 in North America, and August 4, 2011 in Japan. Paint is a blue substance found in Epic Mickey that can used with Mickey's Paintbrush.It can restore objects dissolved by Thinner.Paint can make Blotlings and other characters feel friendly towards Mickey and unmelt thinned toon characters. She’s dedicated to raising her 420 kids, she’s loyal to Oswald, and she doesn’t take anything from anyone. The game focuses on Mickey Mouse, who accidentally damages a world created by Yen Sid for forgotten characters and concepts, and is forced to fix the world while combating antagonists with a magic paintbrush.

Some characters will also appear less friendly towards Mickey, such as Oswald. Disney Epic Mickey (also known as Disney Epic Mickey: Mickey Mouse and the Magic Brush in Japan) is a platform game for Wii, designed by Deus Ex creator, Warren Spector.

If Mickey chose this path, the Bad Ending will play. It's possible to have a mix of good ending scenes and bad ending scenes depending on how certain quests were completed. Reblog. That’s why I knew I had to draw her at least once :) spiderseeingstone . tw body horror epic mickey scrapper mickey thinner mickey.
Den Spieler verschlägt es als Micky nach Wasteland, eine Welt, die von Disneys Trickfilmen und Parks inspiriert ist. Tales of the Wasteland was digitally distributed only for IOS. This is the toughest area boss as Tomorrow City is the final area before you take the rocket to Dark Beauty Castle, and when you land, you are instantly thrusted into the final boss fight.

Epic Mickey 3: On Thinner Ice is a platforming game developed by Fantendo and published by Disney Interactive Studios.
Epic Mickey is a platform game developed by Junction Point Studios and published by Disney Interactive Studios for the Wii console. There is a bad ending (also called the heartbreaking or dark ending) in Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two if the players chose the Bad/Thinner path. The Bad Path (or Thinner Path) is a path in Epic Mickey. Follow. Thinner destroys enemies and is able to melt cartoon characters. Yen Sid then tells the player how the events of the game started. Disney Micky Epic ist eine Mischung aus Action-Adventure und Jump‘n‘Run für Nintendo Wii, in dem Micky eine heldenhafte Entdeckungsreise voller Kreativität antritt. The game starts with a cutscene of Yen Sid telling the story of Mickey and Oswald and their adventures in Wasteland. Thinner is green paint thinner that can be used as a solvent to dissolve and destroy foes, buildings and … Thinner is a substance in Epic Mickey that can be wielded by Mickey Mouse when he uses the Paintbrush. Unfollow.

Disney Epic Mickey is an action-adventure platforming game for Wii console that sends Mickey Mouse on an epic journey of creativity and discovery. There was also a book called The Art of Epic Mickey. It is obtained when Mickey makes the morally wrong choices in certain major quests. Mickey improving the Wasteland.