In addition, non-profit organizations must have submitted a copy of their most recent annual audit, per NC Grants requirements.
Similarly, abandoned mine tailings near an ephemeral stream could impact aquatic invertebrate communities in a mainstem river downstream. Hydraulic Design of Stream Restoration Projects (10.5 Mb, Corps of Engineers) Design of Spur-Type Streambank Stabilization Structures (10.5 Mb, FHWA) Assessing Conditions of Riparian-Wetland Corridors at the Areawide Level. Stream Corridor Restoration: Principles, Processes, and Practices The Federal Interagency Stream Restoration Working Group developed various publications that can be found on their site.

The Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Program brings together students, conservation corps, other youth groups, citizen groups, corporations, landowners and government agencies to provide environmental education and training through projects that restore wetlands and streams. Send message. 1992-93. We are here for you, 24/7, to help you and reply within the hour. Current Grant Funding Opportunities for Salmon and Other Habitat Restoration Projects. In total, we awarded approximately $20 million. $1,000 Montana Land Reliance for continued work on conservation easement along Montana’s rivers and streams. Concord, NH - The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Aquatic Resource Mitigation ("ARM") Fund Program has awarded funding from the Aquatic Resource Mitigation Fund for six projects in the Merrimack River watershed totaling $1,522,808. Please Note: Protective easements must be in place before CWMTF will release any funds toward construction costs. The Maryland Stream Restoration Association (MSRA) brings together consultants, regulators, and educators to better understand the science of stream restoration and share our knowledge with each other.We typically have 4-5 events per year. The project will restore access to 3.3 miles of spawning and rearing habitat for steelhead trout as well as Coho salmon. Any inquiries? Project Learning Tree GreenWorks! Colorado Watershed Restoration Grants. Successful watershed restoration requires an understanding of all these processes, how they interrelate, and what strategies and tactics work best to identify and mitigate the causes of degradation.

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The Urban Streams Restoration Program (USRP) provides grants to local communities for projects to: Since 1985, the program has provided more than 270 grants ranging from $1,000 to $1 million to communities throughout California. The program provides challenge grants, technical support and opportunities for information exchange to enable community-based restoration … If you have some time and expertise that you would like to share with us, we would love to have you become an Adopt A Stream Foundation Volunteer. CWMTF funds restoration projects to enhance or restore degraded waters and to protect downstream natural resources such as drinking water supplies, fisheries and recreation opportunities. Streamflow Restoration Competitive Grants, 2020: Guidance for Project Applicants Our streamflow restoration competitive grants will help state and local agencies, tribal governments, and non-profit organizations implement local plans and projects to improve streamflow and aquatic resources. The deadline for submission of PA2 and HE2 applications is … The Program provides grants for watershed/stream restoration, flood mitigation, and stream management projects throughout our State.

There are two grant programs under the act.
$2,500 to the Teller Wildlife Refuge for educational programs and stream restoration work at the Refuge in honor of Otto Teller, Life Director of the Trout & Salmon Foundation and second National Chairman of TU.