FUNKIN STRAWBERRY WOO WOO 750ml/1L. 2.5 cl 25 ml 25 ml 0.83 oz. pineapple juice. 40 ml / 1½ oz.

Garnish with a fresh Strawberry or a slice of Lemon.
From the manufacturer. (Don’t forget to garnish) You may also like.

The combifitMidi carton pack (yup that's the brand name and technical term for the 1-litre handsome silver packaging) declares the ingredients of this 100 per cent natural fruit cocktail mixer to be "water, peaches, strawberries, sugar, cranberry juice from concentrate, lemons, concentrates (carrot, blackcurrant), natural flavouring". grenadine. Recipe by Lady of shallot. The Woo Woo as a Party Punch –Increase the ingredients proportionally to fill a pitcher or punch bowl. Please wash your hands and practise social distancing.
ADD YOUR PHOTO. Ingredients. funkin Strawberry Woo Woo mixer; 50ml Butterscotch Schnapps; Fresh Strawberry or Lemon Slice (to garnish) Method. Violet creams .

SERVES: 1. The Strawberry Margaritha is not only a delicious frozen cocktail, but it’s also a great way to cool down on a hot summer day. Serve in "Highball Glass". MAKE IT SHINE! Simply add alcohol, shake and strain over ice.

2.5 cl 25 ml 25 ml 0.83 oz. Drinks. orange juice.

Water, Peach Juice from Concentrate, Strawberries (14%), Sugar, Cranberry Juice from Concentrate, Lemons, Natural Flavouring See more. No artificial colours or ingredients. Pretty bi-colored non-alcoholic drink. Try it out. Russian Standard Vodka. Strawberry Puree. Pour the funkin Strawberry Woo Woo mixer and Butterscotch Schnapps into a Boston Shaker, shake up, stir and pour into a cold glass. Gluten free. Stir, serve and enjoy! Check out our resources for adapting to these times. Funkin Strawberry Woo Woo Cocktail Gift Set In Presentation Box -Fresh, flirty and fun, the woo woo cocktail is modern a favourite in bars and clubs thanks to the combination of sweet and tangy ingredients. Mix in another bowl a dash of each of the rest. 25 ml. utensils 1 Highball Glass; 1 In glass; Method Use a "In glass" for "Woo Woo" drink recipe. INGREDIENTS Nutrition.

Dr. Pecker.

Shelf life: 12 months (once opened, refrigerate and consume within 10 days) Nutritional Information . Ingredients. I found it on another site in it's current, rather vauge, form. A blend of fruit purée and sweetened flavoured fruit juices Mélange de purée de fruits et jus de fruits sucrés aromatisés. Ingredients Utensils Ingredients. 1.5. oz de vodka. Be the first to review this recipe. INGREDIENTS . (Don’t forget to garnish) Servings: 10. Drinks. How to make a Strawberry Woo Woo: Top up your favourite glass with plenty of ice (the more the better) Add 50ml vodka. Mix equal parts orange juice and pineapple juice. In the same selection. Using all natural ingredients, Funkin Strawberry Woo Woo Mixer provides a consistent solution for serving this favourite. Number of person-+ 1.5. oz de peach schnapps. View larger Read more.

Absolut Raspberry… 25 ml.

Grass Skirt. Put grenadine mixture in the bottom of glass.

Vegan friendly. lemon juice. Pour all ingredients into a highball glass over ice cubes, stir, and serve. bitters. 3.5. oz de cranberry juice. DIRECTIONS. How to make a Strawberry Woo Woo: Top up your favourite glass with plenty of ice (the more the better) Add 50ml vodka Top with 100ml of Funkin mixer Stir, serve and enjoy! The original woo woo is made with vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice, but there are a number of variations. This will produce about 25 4-ounce drinks that can be served with or without ice. Strawberry Margarita Cocktail Recipe Posted on September 4, 2019 The Strawberry Margaritha is one oft he most popular margaritas. READY IN: 3mins.

Stay safe and healthy. No artificial colours or ingredients. Woo-Woo Mocktail. UNITS: US.

Top with 100ml of Funkin mixer. DIRECTIONS. Advertisement. For instance, use full 750ml bottles of vodka and peach schnapps with about 50 ounces of cranberry juice. The recipe is very easy and requires just a few ingredients, none of which are hard to come by.