This is an ideal course for players, parents and first aiders who are taping athletes. The SPORTTAPE Academy offers online taping courses designed for therapists. During the 8-hour course participants learn proper taping procedures, when and when not to tape, taping versus bracing, Become a better taper...guaranteed!

This course is open to physiotherapists, sports trainers and medical personnel who have previously completed a 15 hour course in neuromuscular taping. Course cost is $45.00 and includes the use of quality Elastoplast taping products. Provide Sports Taping to athletes, sporting teams or other active clients in relation to injury prevention and management with this short course. If you want to learn unique and practical taping techniques for most common sports injuries, then this is the course for you. This one-day course will run from 9.30am - 4.30pm on the following dates: Saturday 10th October 2020; Saturday 23rd January 2021; Wednesday 17th March 2021; Price.

The full cost is £99. Introduction to Sport Taping offers beginners technical and practical advice for use when taping athletes.

Recommended by the STA and SMA. Course Outline. These are essential skills for any therapist looking to play an active role in the management of sports injuries and many musculoskeletal conditions. SMA will continue to offer online course content including theory components for some first aid, emergency care and Sports Trainer courses during this period of community social distancing. Dates and Times. Each course offers 5 hours Certified CPD per course. Andrew Hughes, senior partner at Sport Focus Physiotherapy and Sports & Olympic Physiotherapist regularly conducts certified physiotherapy taping courses for the sporting community including coaches, athletes and parents at our practices across Sydney. This course covers an introduction to taping techniques for ankle, finger & thumb, as well as the principles and application of tape. The training is highly practical whilst also examining the research and principles of taping safely. Content. The athletic & sports taping course (MTC-application techniques for athletic/sports injuries) focuses on applications designed to accelerate the rehabilitation process for those patients or athletes who have suffered sports related injuries. Community Sports Taping Courses. This course is divided into two parts comprising 1 day for kinesio-taping and 1 day for pre-competition taping. Advanced Sports Taping Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) has suspended all face to face Safer Sport course delivery in an attempt to minimize and manage the potential risks presented by COVID-19. Learn at home, at your own pace. Sports Taping Course The one day workshop covers all of the key techniques associated with sports taping using rigid and semi-rigid tape. Much of your time on this course will be spent honing your skills in each of the areas. The Taping and Strapping one day Introduction course is designed to familiarise students with the principles of sports taping and strapping for use in sports injury management.