It uses a more robust connector, longer shielded cables, and stricter electrical standards. See here an image of a red SATA cable and a black SATA cable, as well as a head-on view of the SATA connector. Serial ATA (Serial AT Attachment) – üblich sind auch die Schreibweisen SATA und S-ATA – ist eine Computer-Schnittstelle für den Datenaustausch mit Festplatten und anderen Speichergeräten. The Serial ATA or SATA connector is used as an interface for connecting a host bus adapter to a mass storage device or optical drive. These pin outs for the Serial ATA connector are not compatible with the legacy PATA connector. This is called external SATA, or eSATA.The way it works is that the external drive attaches to the eSATA connection at the back of the computer next to the other openings for things like the monitor, network cable, and USB ports. Its advantage over SATA Express is that it is more compact in size and offers higher transfer speeds. (Click to expand) See here a drawing of the back of a SATA hard drive, with the data cable and the power cable connecting into it. Die modernen SATA-Festplatten sind einfacher einzubauen und bieten aufgrund Ihrer dünnen Kabel deutlich mehr Raum. Both ends are flat and thin, with one often made at a 90 degree angle for better cable management. The pinouts for the 13 pin (7+6) SATA Slimline connector are: SATA Slimline connector pinout The 8 pin 12 volt cable is polarized so it can only be plugged into the 8 pin motherboard connector correctly. ATA steht hierbei für das Übertragungsprotokoll „AT Attachment“ – im Unterschied dazu werden bei SATA die Daten jedoch seriell (englisch serial) übertragen. Die Zukunft: Doch auch die SATA-Festplatten sind nicht mehr das beste, was Sie auf dem derzeitigen Markt finden. Pinout or pin-out is a term used in electronics to describe how an electrical cable is wired, or the function of each wire (pin) in a connector. The connector itself is a Molex 39-01-2240 connector, often called a Molex Mini-fit Jr. ATX 24 Pin 12V Power Connector Pinout (ATX v2.2) Below is the complete pinout table for the standard ATX 24 pin 12V power supply connector as of Version 2.2 of the ATX Specification (PDF) . This connection type is designed to communicate at much higher speeds than what were possible with the older connection styles. The connector for disks is totally different than the connector for motherboards, and only a handful of disks for this interface exist. However, mechanical drives could barely saturate a SATA 3 Gbit/s link, so there was little market for SATA 6 Gbit/s until drive I/O … The pinouts for the 7 pin Serial ATA motheboard internal connector are: SATA pinout This connector was designed to replace the older connectors, 34-pin, 40-pin, etc. The SATA connector is keyed at pin 1. The upper connectors are SATA (individual connectors), while the lower one belongs to a Seagate Savvio SAS drive, carrying the continuous connector for data and power. SATA cables are long, 7-pin cables. Der Datentransfer von der Festplatte zum PC ist schneller als bei den veralteten IDE-Festplatten. Transmit pins connect to Receive pins on the other device. Amazon's Choice for esata connector 18in 1 Port SATA to eSATA Plate Adapter - External SATA Plate - 6Gbps eSATA Port - Internal SATA to eSATA Adapter - 18 inch (ESATAPLT18IN) 4.0 out of 5 stars 231 Data Cable Pinouts . SATA-Festplatten: IDE-Festplatten gehören der Vergangenheit an. SATA Revision 2.0 or SATA 3 Gbit/s doubles the data transfer rate and adds command queueing. Externally they look the same, but internally they are much more complicated, with a grounding rail along the body to earth all the extra shielding wires in the cable. Pinout of eSATA (External SATA)eSATA provides a variant of SATA for external connectivity.