Rage 2 has a number of different Weapons and Nanotrite Abilities that can be found in vessels called an Ark.These Arks are scattered throughout the … 0. as it stands i think this is preventing me from accessing the new game + as i've finished all else. This capacity of Rage 2 is located halfway between Vineland and Gunbarrel, on the boundary between its regions, and must be marked on the map. Dealypipe Ark, Rush skill: Ark: 407a. Rage 2‘s open world wasteland is filled with things for players to do and see, but some of the most important places they can visit are the Arks. Head directly north from Lagoony and you’ll be likely to find it. It's an excellent skill for when you are in a hurry, what could complicate you is your grade 5 difficulty and another negative point is that Rage 2 reappears very quickly. All Rage 2 Ark locations. Bandit Den 34. Capture & Control. Summary Edit. Mutant Bash TV 2. There are 13 Arks that players can visit and unlock in Rage 2. Pit Stop 7. We have marked all locations you can visit. Search. Exploration 55. Other weapons and abilities will kill a crowd quicker.

All Rage 2 Ark locations. You start the game at the southernmost point of the map and a good start is to approach the first few Arks already plotted on your map.

uglykidmoe. Electro Forge 2. Crusher Nest 5. the map shows i have 11 of 12 arks, the log shows that vineland ark is not completed yet i did complete it and have the nanotrite dash from that ark. Rage 2's closest answer to a sniper rifle, the Hyper Cannon is punchy and brutal, but not all that useful in most situations.

RAGE 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details. Each one of these Arks contains some kind of weapon or ability for players to … Other weapons and abilities will kill a crowd quicker. This area serves as the starting location. The dankest Ark available in Rage 2, you should travel north in the Sekreto Wetlands to find this one.

Kill & Destroy.

Twisting Canyons Map | Rage 2 Rage 2 Guide and Walkthrough. Quake Hill Ark is located in the southeast section of the Torn Plains region and gives you Vortex Nanotrite Ability.

Pickups. Vineland Ark is an Ark in RAGE 2. Ark 14. Arks in Rage 2 feature new weapons and abilities, and they will go a long way in helping players complete all of the story missions in the game. Be prepared for a fight, as this Ark is pretty well defended. Located in the Twisting Canyons region, Vineland is where you receive your first campaign mission and access to your first vehicle, the Phoenix. Rage 2’s open world is absurdly big, as you’d expect from the developers of Just Cause 2. Historically the vistas and bluffs of the surrounding countryside would have drawn countless punters to the area, however those times are long gone.