Rage 2 has a variety of Vehicles in the game, ranging from standard four-wheelers to Monster Trucks and Hover Boats. The Best Car in Hill Climb Racing 2 Is....The Super Jeep!

Upgrade Description & Cost ; Gatling Guns : Heavy duty twin Gatling Guns. To unlock Weapon Level you will have to pay with Feltrite, a blue crystal type objects you will find a lot in Rage 2 crates.

Check out this RAGE 2 guide on all available vehicles in the game, how to unlock vehicles & access them, vehicle combat tips, and more!
Rage 2 Convoy Phoenix Vehicle Upgrades.jpg After Blast, we recommend saving up for Cruise Missiles, for their high damage and because they can lock on to enemy and weak spots alike. Around 250 Feltrite is required to unlock Auto-Rifle Level 2.

The baseline for vehicles in Rage 2 is already utterly absurd thanks to the heavy weaponry and glowing blue engines that seem to be standard issue for the world.

Rage 2 might be a pretty straightforward game — and a lot of fun — but the mechanics underlying it are not.There are menus within menus, and each has an associated currency or item. Rage 2 Vehicles Locations Guide will help you find all the cars in the game and upgrades, repairs, storing, and placing weapons on vehicles. But what does it truly take to rule the wasteland? Rage 2 is here and ready to let players loose on its particular brand of the post-apocalypse.That means weapons, superpowers, and a lot of the color pink. It also means trying to fight your way through bad guys with the best possible gear and guns.

If that isn’t enough for you then Rage 2 is happy to answer your prayers in the form of the vehicle upgrades you can buy mess around with. Unlocked By Default : Safe Mode : Prevents your vehicle from being destroyed.

Locking on leaves you more time to focus on driving and maneuvering, rather than trying to keep your Gatling Gun perfectly on target at high speeds. After this to further enhance your weapons that increases the damage, ammo capacity, etc you will need Weapon Core Mod. The best vehicle for you is entirely subjective, as it depends on how used you are to playing the game and your individual playing style -- as well as free upgrades you can unlock by logging in every day, such as wings to get your car … ... Phoenix Upgrades. Rage 2 tips: 8 pieces of advice to make conquering the wasteland a breeze By Leon Hurley 23 May 2019 All of our Rage 2 tips, from the best guns to essential vehicles, perks, abilities and more