Investing in your child’s future can come at a considerable financial cost. The Oak Hill board will consider cases on an individual basis if a student discontinues enrollment.
Like you, we realize the importance of this investment. Partial scholarships are funded by the school and are available based on need, available funding, and the family’s commitment to the mission of the school. Prepaid tuitions that are not refunded will be calculated and acknowledged as a charitable donation. This money is not a loan but rather tuition assistance. With FIT, your tuition depends on your individual situation. Family Individualized Tuition, or FIT, is a flexible tuition model designed to remove barriers for families seeking a Sacred Heart education at our School. Tuition and Fees. Ten Month Payment Plan. Tuition includes the use of all books for students. All books are returned to Oak Hill at year end. Families will be billed by the Business Office according to their payment-plan selection. Approximately 50% of Oak Hill families receive some amount of Financial Aid. Oak Hill Academy strives to keep costs affordable, providing a financially feasible option to families seeking excellence in education and adolescent development. Oak Hill School’s Financial Aid Program provides monetary resources for parents and their students who, without this assistance, might not otherwise be able to attend Oak Hill. With this plan, parents pay the tuition and school fee in 10 monthly payments.
The enrollment deposit will show up as a credit on your Smart Tuition account. ... Visit Oak Hill if you are able. Advocacy for public funding remains the responsibility of the family, and Oak Hill maintains an open and accessible relationship with many school districts in the Bay Area. A. 2020-21 Tuition and Fees. Bring your child with you if you wish. At Registration – An $2000 Enrollment Deposit is due directly to Oak Hill Academy with the signing of the Enrollment Contract (not included in plans below). Tuition funding and therapeutic services are independent of acceptance at Oak Hill School. At Oak Hill, the goal of the admissions process is to faithfully and accurately represent the mission and philosophy of …

FIT enables families across the economic spectrum to come to Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill. Oak Hill School maintains a committed focus to our financial aid program.

Ten-Payment Plan—includes additional fee of $300 plus the cost of tuition insurance (.5% of tuition cost) Oak Hill School’s payment plans enable families to spread tuition payments over the school year as opposed to paying the tuition in one total sum. Please call or email for our current tuition schedule. Admission decisions are made independently of requests for tuition assistance.