More Epic Muscle Car Fails 2 Author: Barb Naszchuk Published Date: February 24, 2020 Comments: Leave a comment Lots of low brow drivers showing off like assholes and destroying their ride and some others near them as well…. Here are 20 of the worst muscle cars ever made. Required fields are marked * Comment. While these cars could be potential hot rods if modified properly, they weren’t fast from the factory. Dec 12, 2018 - Explore dcmusclecar's board "W.T.F!!!!!" AMC designed the AMX as the performance version of the Spirit compact car. Despite the fact it was the subject of so many jokes and bad press, the Mustang II was an important model. After the success during the 1960s came the 1970s and … In fact, it is a question whether it should be featured on this list or not. The Chevrolet Citation X-11 is an interesting car but most people can’t decide how they feel about this model. Muscle Car Fan brings you the best and latest muscle car crash and fails. However, the Dodge Aspen R/T looked like the real deal. by Tyler Kittle; Feb 12, 2018; Share Tweet Email Comment Share. Did I mention the amazing sound…. Like the Plymouth Volare Road Runner, the Aspen R/T was Dodge’s effort to present a muscle car at a time when such vehicles were almost impossible to construct and sell. Yet it was still far from the standards of its predecessors. It was a true compact muscle car because it had an optional 304 V8 engine and rear-wheel drive. We never understood the point of owning a muscle car and not enjoying a few burnouts or a drag race, and luckily for us, neither do the owners of these muscle cars. The downsizing of the range, the introduction of economical four-cylinder engines and part sharing with other Ford models helped it survive the recession of the â€⃜70s and the death of the muscle car … 50 Jahre Muscle Cars… The Citation is a compact, front-wheel-drive hatchback they produced from 1980 to 1985. Ranking The 20 Worst Muscle Cars Of All Time. Das dritte C im Dodge-Muscle-Car-Vokabular steht für den Coronet, hier als R/T 440 von 1969. Someone wrecked a car leaving PRI last December. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Also, buyers could get it with a manual transmission. 50 Jahre Muscle Cars: Platz 10. COPO Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member. "We are a group of muscle car fans committed to preserving and educating others about our rich muscle car heritage." Name * Email * I couldn't help but laugh on that one... Jan 13, 2020 #8.

Lange Linien laufen schöner und scheinen schneller, so beim Ford Torino GT mit Super Cobra Jet-V8, Modelljahr 1970 .

It even possessed some power to distance itself from similar attempts of other brands with disgraceful power outputs. Throughout the years, the muscle car industry has gone through many ups and downs, and many challenges and successes. What’s owning a muscle car if you do not stomp on the gas and turn large amounts of fuel into even bigger amounts of smoke.