Father, bless those who sit before me … Bless the time we will have together tonight, and the fellowship that will result from our time together. Pray the Word of God as a warrior with authority. While this is just one I've used (name changed), it is a fairly common style. Military. Invocation I Made at my Friend's Military Retirement (without the names) ETERNAL FATHER, IT IS WITH THANKFUL HEARTS THAT WE LIFT OUR PRAYER TO YOU ON THIS SIGNIFICANT OCCASION. WE ALSO THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT SACRIFICE OF HIS WIFE AND THEIR CHILDREN, This type of prayer usually includes two elements:-1. worship. Priest: Let us pray for our brothers and sisters as they go forth with courage and determination to face the forces of violence, weapons of destruction and hearts filled with hate. An invocation is a prayer for opening a church service or meeting with. If you would like a copy of this prayer that has been written specifically for the military husband, click here. There is usually an awareness of the majesty and greatness of the living God in this type of prayer, and 2. petition. RESPONSE: THROUGH THE DARKNESS BRING US TO THE LIGHT. Pray for the chaplains and local churches that support military communities to intentionally develop them in Christlikeness so they can be a light to others and be spiritually fit to endure the challenges of the military service.. 3. Military Invocation Prayer For Dining Out Denny Bar 6-6 - 4-2 Riposenze RIPOSENZE: Brandonisio 1, 2 Merli, Montali 5, 6 Allinovi, 9 Delmonte (C) SCORERS: 2 Delmonte A Great Riposenze through the fog of Trecasali, sweating blood, I almost brought home the victory year. Pray for God to mature our military and their families to have faith like the centurion. Dear Father who knew this military spouse before she was born, Who sees all her days lived and those yet to be lived. What is an invocation prayer? WE THANK YOU FOR THE LIFE, SKILL AND DEDICATION OF MY FRIEND. Military Invocation and Benediction for Commissioning Ceremony My blog gets looked at fairly often when someone wants to know what a military benediction or invocation looks like.