>_< I would say you should get a Wodent Wheel, if your hamster doesn't poo or drop food in the wheel while running, like mine does. I have two Robo dwarf hamster sisters - I initially had two 6.5" Silent Spinner wheels and only one of these medium size Flying Saucers. It attaches to the outside of the cage and is only suitable for dwarf hamsters due to its small size. One of the girls was curious about the Flying Saucer and it took her about 5 days before she decided that the Flying Saucer was vastly superior to the Silent Spinner. It is a smaller wheel so just like the other modular cage wheel options, it is best suited for a dwarf hamster. Which is the best hamster wheel? Strangely she prefers the Flying Saucer, every morning her SS is clean while her Flying Saucer is filthy with sand (from her sand bath) and pee. Check Price on Amazon: Petzilla Quiet Hamster Exercise - Available in Multi-Colored, Blue, Lime Green and Pink.

Best Hamster Saucer Wheel. It’s really important that you don’t use a hamster wheel that is too small for your pet. The slightly larger Campbell’s and Winter White hamsters usually reach a size of around 4 inches and the Chinese hamster, while not a true dwarf species, will reach 4.5 inches. For small animal's daily exercise like playing, jogging and running. I was wondering if buying the Larger version would be too big for him, considering its for chinchillas and rats. This wheel is nearly flat – it actually looks a lot like what most people imagine a real flying saucer might look like (which is how it got its name, of course).

I do have a 6.5" Silent Spinner and Flying Saucer in my new dwarf's cage. I purchased the medium sized wheel for my winter white dwarf hamster and it is the perfect size for him. I have the flying saucer wheel for my dwarf boys along with a silent spinner. Dwarf hamsters are small and fragile creatures which means they require a small and lightweight exercise wheel. Watching two hamsters on one wheel is even more thrilling to watch making Dwarf Hamsters more entertaining than Syrians .

CritterTrail X Exercise Wheel: This is a unique-looking wheel from CritterTrail that attaches via a Fun-nel tube. The hamster saucer wheel is a more recent addition to the menu of hamster wheel options. I hope you found a lot of info here on what kind of wheel to get your hammy. 1. The Ware Flying Saucer Hamster Wheel is also included in Dwarf Hamster Home’s list of the best hamster wheels for dwarf hamsters. A word from Teddy.

I would say get a wodent wheel or a comfort wheel, they are the correct sizes for syrian hamsters. The smallest of all the species is the Roborovski hamster which will reach a size of around 2 inches. ? Approximate Dimensions (Product): … Okay, anyways...here's the first question. Check Price on Amazon: Ware Flying Saucer - Flying Saucers are great alternatives to wheels. Exercise is important for your small pet, and the Flying Saucer Hamster Wheel will make the perfect addition to your small pets cage. Easily allows two dwarfs to run together. One prefers the silent spinner and the other prefers the flying saucer wheel, but I wouldn't reccomend getting one for a syrian. The Best Hamster Wheels For Dwarfs – Quiet, Silent & Flying Saucers Watching a hamster running on a wheel can be a strangely entertaining thing to watch. I brought my syrian hamster a 'flying saucer wheel' toy in a medium. Provide your small pet a safe environment to exercise and play. For Dwarf Hamsters & Mice. He does appear to be using it a lot, though he does seem a little bit to big for it. They're simply too small. I have heard that they are both super quiet, but then again I hear that they are noisy.

Does anybody know if a syrian hamster is able to use a large Flying saucer with no difficulties? Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel for Small Pets, 7 1/4-Inch - Colors May Vary You & Me Exercise Saucer, Large Large Flying Silent Spinner Saucer Exercise Jogging Running Wheel for Small Animal Hamster Gerbil Rat Mouse Rodent Degu Dagus Hermit Crabs Hedgie And the flying saucer seems the best for for Dwarf hamsters, but could also be alright for Syrians in a pinch. He wouldn't run much on the regular wheel, but not long after I put this one in the cage, he was already checking it out and using it.