It is a talent that only works when the flow of energy inside of us and the flow of energy in the natural world are in perfect synchronization. Makarov’s death was a sad moment in episode 309 for a lot of people. Reblog. 70+ Funny, Inspirational, Sad & Happy Fairy Tail Quotes. 528 notes. Makarov is an extremely short, elderly man. [Entrance Quote] I will stand in front and fight at full force! That's the way of the Fairy Tail Mages!" Makarov Dreyar said: (Fairy Tail) It is the role of a parent to stand in front of their children... and protect them even if their legs were to give out at any moment. Even if we don’t have any magic power left, we won’t give up … All right, get ready brats! [Win Quote] All right! Makarov Dreyar said: Now listen up, any power that surpasses reason, still comes from reason, right? Other times you’ll go through things that will reveal your weakness, or you’ll come face to face with it and overcome it. SakuraSakka (To Fairy Tail) "Do whatever you think is right! 'Feelings still persist in the heart even after death. And we all have it. Magic isn't some kind of miraculous power. Master Makarov: One bonus of being an adult is grossly misusing modern slang on purpose and watching the kids die inside. These quotes I found in a website. (To Fairy Tail) "Any power that surpasses reason still comes from reason, right? Makarov has provided me and our team with several moments of inspiration and motivation several times during the show, as a father, and an idol, for fairy tail and us. To perform magic one must have a strong mind and the ability to focus. coloredbyme7876 ftgraphics ft fairy tail master makarov laxus dreyar laxus and makarov chapter 537 ftspoilers fairy tail spoilers ftartistnet fairy tail graphics manga manga coloring coloring fairy tail coloring ft ... makarov dreyar laxus dreyar fraxus fairy tail freed justine queue: lovey dovey fun stuff incorrect quotes. 8 5 637 (1 Today) Published: July 12, 2016. He has black eyes and is growing bald with only the outer rims of his head containing white hair.

2014 Full HD - Duration: 10:06. He also has a thick white mustache. He may have ended up in the Blue Pegasus Guild for a while, but Laxus … Weakness is the opposite of strength. Sometimes you have weak moments where you’re not feeling your best, your most motivated, or where you’re not able to be as strong as you’d like to be. [Entrance Quote] Hmph!

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Magic isn't some kind of miraculous power. Makarov Dreyar (マカロフ・ドレアー Makarofu Doreā) is the 3rd, 6th and 8th Guild Master of the Fairy Tail Guild, as well as one of the Ten Wizard Saints. The mistakes people make are usually labeled as experience. Fairy Tail Quotes Makarov Dreyar Quotes. This is fairy tail quotes! - Makarov Dreyar "Living a strong life means being able to smile" - Makarov Dreyar "You don't die for your friends, you live for them" - Erza Scarlet “As long as our friends are with us, we have nothing to fear!