Have you ever read some of the places in the Bible and wondered where they were located, today? Psalm 23, Genesis 1, and 1 Corinthians 13, according to the world's leading Bible website.

Over the years, these places have changed names. More information: No. 1.

88 Bible Verses about Africa. Ancient Lands and Their Current Names. Which Bible verses are searched for most often in the world's 10 most populous countries? Are there any black people mentioned in the Bible? Well, quite a few reasons. Not sure especially that the explicit mentioned names are different from one Bible to another. He had come to Jerusalem to worship and was returning, seated in his chariot, and he was reading the prophet Isaiah.

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got this answer completely wrong (click here to read their original response to this question). But people forget that there were prosperous black empires in ages past and that most of the continent prospered when it was part of the British Empire. However, the Christian site "Got Questions?"

Their entire response is uninformed and continues the cycle of denying what scripture actually says.
Because it seems that most nations on the African continent have suffered unduly in past decades, some speculate that God placed a curse upon them. It is close to the places on which most biblical stories revolve (Palestine, Canaan, Israel, Egypt...).

Many other names are mentioned in the Bible in addition to the names of prophets.

African Countries Coloring Page August 22, 2019 simbaham Countries & Culture african countries by gdp african countries by gdp per capita african countries by population african countries list african countries mentioned in the bible african countries national flags african countries quiz And there was an Ethiopian, a eunuch, a court official of Candace, queen of the Ethiopians, who was in charge of all her treasure. And he rose and went. As countries merge, split, or change their names, the list of countries that no longer exist has grown.The list below is far from comprehensive, but it includes the most notable former countries. The answer is yes. It only takes a few moments to realize there are places mentioned in the Bible that we cannot find on a map, today.