The Illinois legislature has also clarified the Illinois Condominium Act so that any closed session can occur after notice of an open meeting, which is then converted into a closed session in part for the limited purpose of discussions related to (i) litigation involving the association; (ii) employment, (iii) rule violations, and (iv) unpaid assessments.

The current board seems a pretty tightly knit group, and they often meet in ’executive session’ and exclude those outside of the group with the argument that they’re discussing confidential legal matters relating to unpaid assessments.
A very big decision by the Illinois appellate court (First District) makes number of Illinois condominium board standard practices illegal. Executive (Closed) Session . This summary highlights legislative updates in the Illinois Condominium Property Act, the Common Interest Community Association Act, the Condominium and Common Interest Community Ombudsperson Act, and other statutes.

10 Common Mistakes Boards Make. and herein referred to as the “Condo Act”) and the Illinois Common Interest Community Association Act (765 ILCS 160/1-1 et. Five of the six bills, if signed by the governor, will take effect on January 1, 2017; the other, HB 4658, would take effect immediately. Illinois Condominium Property Act (As Effective January 1, 2018) Illinois Compiled Statutes, Ch.

Tagged: condominium associations , board meetings , Illinois Condominium Property Act , condominium Much has been made of how condominium boards must act in the wake of the 2014 Appellate Court decision Palm v. 2800 Lake Shore Drive.While the First District decision did not change the existing condominium law, it re-affirmed the strict guidelines that boards needed to follow before properly making decisions. “Business as usual” for Illinois condo boards has now changed.

"Executive session is a private meeting of board members. An Executive Session may be held to discuss certain items as detailed in the Association Declaration and By-Laws. No limitation on authority . You also asked whether HB 5367 of this session deals directly with this issue and if other bills have done so in prior sessions. This Public Act made a few significant changes to both the Illinois Condominium Property Act (765 ILCS 605/1 et. An reader asks: "Our association has 28 units and a 7-member board.

Once you are on the website displaying the Act you can use the "find" or "search" functionality built into your browser to locate specific terms within the Act. 765, Act 605, Sections 1 through 35 Table of Contents Heading Page Section 1 Short Title 1 Section 2 Definitions 1 Section 2.1 Applicability 3 Section 3 Submission of Property 3 … Executive (Closed) Session Meeting Minutes and Evidence in Violation Hearings Required “Business as usual” for Illinois condo boards has now changed. The Condominium Act requires the unit owners association and its board to comply with the act and with the condominium ' s declaration, bylaws, rules, and regulations. Absentee Ballots – Section 4.1 (c); Accounting – Unit owner’s right to received statement of account – Section 18 (i); Additions and Alterations to Assessments – Section 18 (a) 8 (v); Amendment of Declaration (procedure) – Section 27 Assessment Increase – Section 18 (a) (8); Association – Governed by General Not For Profit Act even if not incorporated – Section 18.3 Posted on November 16, 2015 ... even when a board is permitted to conduct a closed or executive session to address one of the categories of matters specified by law, all votes on matters discussed in closed session must still take place in an open portion of a meeting.