The Seal of the Earth lies here, with three recessed alcoves for the Amethyst Runestone, the Opal Runestone, and the Diamond Runestone.

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Opal ® Seal is a protective sealant that Dr. Robert Rudman uses to prepare your teeth before he puts your braces on. Apply a thin layer of Opal Seal to etched enamel prior to bracket placement to enhance bonding and recharge fluoride uptake. Because it is often difficult for you to clean your teeth while wearing braces, it is important to seal your teeth with a dental sealant for an added layer of protection. The consistency also helps the brackets maintain an ideal position during bonding. Opal® Seal is a protective sealant we use to prepare your teeth before we put your braces on. Releases and recharges fluoride 1; 38% filled with glass ionomer fillers plus nanofillers for long-lasting strength Opal Seal is invisible, but our team can easily see it under a UV black light. 1. Opal Seal 38%-filled primer and sealant is used to prepare etched enamel for orthodontic bonding. The Opal Seal orthodontic primer works by doing some of the following: It helps to create a seal between your teeth and the harmful plaque bacteria that contribute to tooth decay. Opal Seal works by: Acting as a “seal,” creating a barrier between your enamel and plaque by completely covering the tooth surface. We have also experienced less rebonds due to bonding failure. Opal Seal has improved bonding strength, decreased decalcification and the we love that the consistency feels even. Combined with your good oral hygiene habits, Opal Seal helps drastically reduce staining, scarring, and the white chalky marks that indicate decalcification, which is an irreversible softening of the tooth enamel. This releases fluoride, which is an essential mineral that helps to preserve healthy enamel.