A few days ago, I had the privilege of watching the movie, and it never left me. Unlike most films about heroes, this one manages to tell a compelling story about the brilliant and fiery general. Setting aside the personal gains and sacrificing for the greater good of the country. He is a certified nationalist, a great general, but his temperament caused him to have enemies, both local and foreign. It is as accurate as it can be. He was the most intelligent in the Philippine military, the wisest man who ever ruled the Philippine system in fighting using brilliant tactics instead of technology. Reflection Paper of the Movie: Heneral Luna.

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Ang Batang Heneral, is how flawed we Filipinos and our leaders are. The thoughts on how accurate the depiction of our society was, the expose of all our flaws as Filipinos, held so much truth that it almost rang as a wake-up call. Sa pangkahalatan, ang Heneral Luna ay maganda, napapanahon at higit dito, nararapat. Heneral Luna, as we all know, rears a very emotional elicit of our hidden patriotic angst. 574 Words 3 Pages. Reflection Paper: Film “Heneral Luna” #KM2015 The film, “Heneral Luna”, 2015 is a Filipino historical biopic film about General Antonio Luna. A movable feast of information, humor, and good writing, 4,000 copies were printed, which was more than all the other newspapers in circulation put together. Higit pa sa mga quotable quotes na napakarami nga naman, tila sinasalamin ng isang bagong pelikula ang nakaraan habang nananatiling usapin sa madla ang nilalaman. It is indeed one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen. admin August 14, 2019 0 Comments. Unlike most films about heroes, this one manages to tell a compelling story about the brilliant and fiery general. Reaksyon sa pelikulang "Heneral Luna" Kalayaan: Pinaghirapan, Pahalagahan. Loosely based on true events, Angelito revolves around Antonio Luna's two aides-de-camp, Jose and Manuel Bernal (Alex Medina and Art Acuña, respectively), after Luna's assassination.The short spin-off will bridge the events of Heneral Luna to Tarog's next full-length installment, Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral. Nararapat na talakayin ang ilandaang taon ng pananatili ng ganitong batayang kaayusan kahit pa paiba-iba ang hugis nito.

The paper came out in September 1898, and was an instant success. Ampuan 15, 2016 Teacher: Nurhaina A. Sinsuat Paper. I already have watch Heneral Luna before and it is my second time to watch it during Aesthet class. It is devastating to lose one of the greatest generals, the Philippines ever had just because of petty internal fights. We need time for self-reflection, knowing what mistakes were made and learning from these. I also have reaction about the reaction of some of my block mates and other people while watching the film or after watching it. In this film, Antonio Luna is depicted as a real human being, full of virtues as well as faults. I can go as far and say it has everything any Filipino would enjoy – superb action sequences with just the right amount of humor to keep you tethered to the screen. Having said that, “Heneral Luna" is a masterpiece and here is why. Ganun ang daloy ng kwento,' says Jerrold of the film By Jevi Joy Belgira. TERM PAPER ABOUT HENERAL LUNA. Heneral Antonio Luna is one of the latter. This quotation really caught up my attention since the very start of the Heneral Luna movie and it became my most favourite part. Reaction Paper on Heneral Luna "Heneral Luna" Reaction Paper I first watched the film "Heneral Luna" last summer vacation, my dad insists that we should watch this historical biopic movie beside the fact that we are interested about history, this movie became a trending topic on the internet and it was the philippine entry on "88th academy awards" for "Best Foreign Film".