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You wake up as a character from Vs battle wiki. Ginga Sengoku Gun'yūden Rai (銀河戦国群雄伝ライ, Ginga Sengoku Gun'yuuden Rai?, Thunder Jet, Raiders of the Galaxy Empire is the English name of the anime) is a Japanese manga and anime series created by Johji Manabe.The English anime was licensed by Enoki Films USA. Bandai Namco and developer Spike Chunsoft have balanced the OP fighter in a fun and intriguing way. What would you do if you suddenly wake up in the body of the character from a randomizer of vs battle wiki at the real world by a strange magical spell from the witch? He made a complete joke out of a dragon level monster with zero effort, and tanked full powered attacks from a high demon martial artist suiryu to his eye balls without flinching. Gouketsu vs genos: Gouketsu wins. kaichou wa maid-sama characters,kaichou wa maid-sama episodes,kaichou wa maid-sama season 2,kaichou wa maid-sama wiki,kaichou wa maid-sama live action,kaichou wa maid-sama season 2 release date,kaichou wa maid sama special after the wedding,kaichou wa maid-sama misaki,maid sama season 2,maid sama characters,kaichou wa maid-sama crunchyroll,hiro fujiwara,usui takumi,maid sama … While we have yet to see tank top master fight a dragon level threat and we do not know how well he would perform against one based off his current showings, he has a weakness for martial artists and gouketsu is a great one at that he would win with ease. Most of his stats should be higher then sweet mask and as a master martial artist he is probably a better fighter to. Well, at least not the fight you’re probably looking for. Born a pure-blooded Saiyan on Planet Vegeta, Son Goku is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise, and is one of the last remaining members of his warrior race. Suiryu vs. Gouketsu was the fight between Suiryu and the Monster Association executive Gouketsu. Gouketsu vs tank top master: Gouketsu wins. One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows lets you play as (and against) the powerful Saitama. Death Battle Predictions: Genos VS War Machine Many of fiction’s greatest heroes are born with the amazing abilities that allow them to battle like gods, but others are built from the ground up to achieve the same greatness. Gouketsu is an incredibly powerful monster sent by Psykos to infiltrate the "Super Fight" martial arts tournament, destroying anyone unfortunate enough to be on his way to the dojo. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Gouketsu by hype should be mid tier dragon if not high tier dragon. Suiryu stands victorious over the newly transformed monsters, albeit with minor bleeding and some small bruises. Saitama fights the monster king Orochi in this beautifully drawn chapter 108 of the One Punch Man manga by Yusuke Murata!
Saitama and garou fight by durzo blint i do not own this video but i love it. No. As a baby, Goku was sent to Earth prior to the destruction of Planet Vegeta in order to fulfill his mission and wipe out all life on the planet, conquering it. Right as the competition ended with Suiryu technically winning due to Saitama getting disqualified, Gouketsu interrupted the victory celebration and used his Demon Level minions to hold civilians hostage. Homeless Emperor is a major antagonist in the manga/webcomic series One Punch Man.. Published: Aug 4, 2019. The season is directed by Chikara Sakurai for new production studio J.C. Staff. Suiryu remarks how significant of a power-up Choze received from the monster cells, noting that this was the first time he bled in a while. Wish I … I'm Gouketsu from OPM.