Voice typing is a simple app and user friendly application. Logged on to Google Play (on my PC), searched for Google, as you suggested, first of the list Google Search, selected my phone clicked install and in 1 sec it was already installing. Actually the google docs voice typing feature is not working on my pc. I am unable to select the option. Upvote (901) Subscribe Unsubscribe. How to Use Voice Typing in Google Docs. Details. To disable Google Voice Typing completely, you have to uninstall or disable Google App. To disable Google App, simply go to Settings >> Apps >> Google App and then click the Disable button. Once you get the regularity, you can use the app and send ,share long textes and articles in other social media and many messaging application such as Watsapp, Viber, Skype , note tha voice typing Supports more than 70 different languages. Enabling Voice Typing

Google Voice gives you one number for all your phones, voicemail as easy as email, free US long distance, low rates on international calls, and many calling features like transcripts, call blocking, call screening, conference calling, SMS, and more. Start voice typing in a document.

Worked without rebooting the phone, the little microphone appeared on top of … However, Google Voice Typing is seemingly not working for some users. This app enables you to search the web and your device as fast as possible so if you need this feature also, you can't disable Google Voice Typing.
When you're ready to speak, click the microphone. Speak clearly, at a normal volume and pace (see below for more information on using punctuation). The text appears after you done Talking . Google Voice Typing is an amazing voice-to-text engine that allows users to dictate words and sentences instead of typing them.
Open a document in Google Docs with a Chrome browser. Docs, Microsoft Windows, Personal use. you can understand better in the screenshot. The first thing you’re going to want to do is to make sure you have a microphone installed and working.. Once your microphone is set up, fire up Chrome and head on over to Google Docs.Alternatively, from the address bar in Chrome, type docs.new to start a new document instantly.. Check that your microphone works. Click Tools Voice typing. A microphone box appears.

Follow the steps below to sort out whatever is wrong with Google Voice Typing on your Android handset. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date.