Buchner funnels are available in a variety of materials, namely glass, plastics, ceramic and stainless steel. FILTER FUNNELS, BUCHNER Funnel has a sealed-in glass fritted disc of the listed porosity. Eliminates the boring of rubber stoppers and the difficulties of inserting and removing glass… Adapter has a ground glass standard taper outer joint on top and bottom that provides a convenient leak free way to connect to the OP-6602-J 2L disposable long stem filter funnels and a standard taper flask. Filter paper is used for Buchner funnels with perforated lower surfaces.

1000mL Filteration Buchner Funnel Kit Vacuum Suction Glass Flask Apparatus. Strict quality assurance from The Lab Depot for Buchner Funnels and more than 750,000 other laboratory supplies means that you will always have confidence in your research and development or quality control results. It is traditionally made of porcelain, but glass and plastic funnels are also available. PYREX Büchner funnels with sinter The sintered discs fitted to these funnels are manufactured from the same Pyrex® borosilicate glass as the funnel bodies, making these funnels suitable to be used with a wide range aggressive... $140.60 +GST.

Constructed with heavy wall stems and the top of the funnel is beaded for additional strength. Kiriyama Funnel, Buchner Type KIRIYAMA GLASS Buchner Funnel, Help Contact Us. For use with Buchner funnels, Gooch crucibles, filter tubes, etc. Funnels with fritted glass discs do not require filter paper.

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Bewährter Verkäufer Versand: US $3,99 (ca. Buchner funnels work by pulling a vacuum on the hose barb connection and siphoning under vacuum the extracted material through the filtration media. GLASS FILTER FUNNEL, Premium BOROSILICATE 6 Sizes Pk of 1 or 4 Pcs. Not recommended for use where pressure would exceed 15 psi. Borosilicate Glass Buchner Filtering Funnel with Coarse Frit (G1) Price $24.45.

Filtration Funnels Funnels- 60 Degree- Glass Powder Funnels Separatory Funnels Solvent Addition Funnel Gas Sampling Apparatus Gel Boxes Glassblowing Supplies Gloves Heat Guns Heating Mantles Hemocytometer Homogenizer Hot Plate Stirrers & Accessories Huber Unistats, Chillers & Circulators Ice Buckets and Pans Incubators Inoculating Loops - Needles Custom Products; eCommerce Solutions; Order Center; Products; Terms & Conditions of Sale; Corporate. A Buchner flask made of glass must be placed on a flat table.

$12.74. Buchner Funnel - Fritted. In general, porcelain is used more than all the others. $7.10. A Büchner flask, also known as a vacuum flask, filter flask, side-arm flask or Kitasato flask, is a thick-walled Erlenmeyer Flask with a short glass tube and hose barb protruding about an inch from its neck.. 60ML,24/29,Glass buchner funnel,Ground Joint,Laboratory Glassware.