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Why is anti-mage so hard to get items for and what are some rule(s) of thumb that would help me to improve my game. 1-1-1, then stats and ulti. From Dota 2 Wiki < Anti-Mage. Complete List of Your Dota Heroes And Their Item Builds Hi guys here is the latest complete list of your favorite Dota Hero and the right Item Builds for them. Dota 2 Training von PRO Spielern. this guide is designed for pub games and to hurt your eyes this guide will be containing -> Outline Outline I. … Helden. Video. His passive Mana Break attack allows him to deal extra damage and cripple a caster's mana supply. Anti-Mage/Guide. Unfavorite.

Tips on Anti-mage? For example, if I were to go split push and afk jungle farm I would go 1-1-1, then stats, ulti, max blink, etc. Anti-Mage Dota2 video-guides and lessons: Skills and Talents, Items, laning, tactics and strategy Dota 2 training from PRO-players: video guides, analytics, coaches, tournaments, match analysis. Favorite. Anti-Mage item & skill build from eMerBeeS (6.87c) By ΣMeƦ ƁΞΞֆ› Unusual Anti-Mage build. Magina The Anti-Mage Item Build Guide Twin sons to the great Prophet, Terrorblade and Magina were blessed with divine powers: Terrorblade granted with an unnatural affinity with life forces; Magina gifted with energy manipulation.

If done correctly, he is able to clear out the jungle in less than a minute. Share. Jump to: navigation, search. Starting off with 2 Slippers of Agility and lots of regen, you can complete the Poor Man’s Shield from the side shop and pick up a Quelling Blade. Lerne Dota 2 mit MoreMMR zu spielen. Weekly Cup. Description of abilities, current META, guides from pro-players on Anti-Mage, statistics and analytics. Introduction and Tips II. MoreMMR League. Exhaustive information on Anti-Mage in Dota 2. DreamLeague 13. Anti-Mage is an agility hard carry known for his ability to flash farm. News. Dota Build Up is a channel about dota game. This item also allows split pushing. You can learn here for build dota hero and see several tips and trick that game. warning!!! Items V. Item Build VI. The original image is sized 800x555. Anti-Mage has a very good cookie-cutter build that usually will be enough for every game.

It also provides an increase to all attributes and a means to remove most disables, especially silences, that could prevent escaping via blink. Übersicht; Videos; Meta; … When in the hands of a good player Anti-Mage can be quite frustrating to deal with. I.e. Favorited. View statistics, top players and guides for Anti-Mage on Dotabuff

Anti-Mage Skill Build Below are 2 skill builds - the most winrate and the most popular one (they can vary) and 2 winning games in which the corresponding build was used. Anmelden.

Gameplay IV. Vladimir's Offering: Allows Anti-Mage to constantly keep his HP full.

Luxury items VII. Click this bar to view the full image. You do not know how to raise the MMR? Guide to Anti-Mage This is a guide for Magina - The Anti-Mage. Question .

In addition to farming quickly, Anti-Mage… This item allows Anti-Mage to farm at an incredible rate with the use of his Blink ability.

Rate . Wir wissen, wie man den MMR erhöht! Good Anti-Mage Item Builds Anti-Mage’s item build has become slightly more flexible in recent times, however, you’ll rarely deviate too far from the classic build.

It will make you durable tank in fights and pretty good in farm.

Anything would be helpful (skill builds, what item to build …