You can either buy a whelping box or build one. #ad @NutrishForPets #NutrishPets via @hiHomemadeBlog For little dogs, small dog houses tend to be available. Upcycle Cardboard Boxes Into Pet Steps: My rabbit really wanted to look out the window but she kept slipping off the window sill. 3. Cardboard Dog House ~ Anna Dawn constructed a dog house out of a cardboard box – so cute with the roof shingles!

2. Measure and cut the cardboard strips. Making my dog a boujee house out of a cardboard box. Use another cereal box to make the head. Trace the staggered boxes onto two pieces of cardboard to make the left and right sides. My youngest would make all sorts of things out of cardboard boxes. May 13, 2013 - DIY pet stairs made out of cardboard boxes and velcroed to fabric. I used “photo storage boxes” reinforced throughout with pieces of wire clothes hangers, cut to fit. For the candy cane, I cut the candy cane shape out of white felt and cut thin strips of pink felt to create the stripes. 3. by Dink Life. Draw the pattern onto the box using the diagram to the right.

Jun 1, 2017 - Make your own DIY Cardboard Cat House and create a cozy hangout for your favorite feline! You can make a dog house out of cardboard boxes. Make a dot 2" in on each side on the bottom of the box.

The cardboard box should be large enough that your dog can lie comfortably while stretched on her side, but no larger. Make sure the walls are high enough to keep the puppies in and prevent drafts. Busy boxes are simple to make, inexpensive and entertaining to watch! Upcycle Cardboard Boxes Into Pet Steps: My rabbit really wanted to look out the window but she kept slipping off the window sill. Similarly, for large dogs, big dog homes are accessible.

Tip: For the wreath, I cut holly leaves out of green felt and berries out of pink felt and hot glued them in a wreath shape. How to Make Amazing Puppy Dogs House From Cardboard by the z. How to Make Paper Dog & Puppy Boxes.

You can glue or duct tape the wire pieces throughout the boxes. So, let’s take a look at how we can get rid of those cardboard boxes that we all have piled up and make some great stuff with them. Lay the box flat and trace the template onto one side of the box. For the gumdrops, I used the leftover paper from the roof shingles and cut out small U-shapes. 5:11.

Cats love lounging around in boxes, especially cute house-shaped ones! Draw the diagram on the back and front of the box. Stay safe and healthy. Measure the 2″ cardboard strips so that they exactly match the inside length of the cardboard box, then cut the strips to size. May 13, 2013 - DIY pet stairs made out of cardboard boxes and velcroed to fabric.

Even if you don’t have any on hand, you can pick up cardboard boxes at any grocery store or department store and they’ll give them to you for free just to get them out … You can find whelping boxes for sale at pet stores and online. Materials Needed: Any thin cardboard box (cereal, cracker, etc.) Not only do dogs love receiving these boxes, but they provide an appropriate opportunity for your dog to think, chew and enjoy.

Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out … Mar 29, 2013 - A cardboard doghouse makes the perfect accessory for a child who collects stuffed animals. To begin, cut out your cardstock using my free paper dog box SVG, DXF, or PDF files found in my resource library.I have three different dog designs — one is modeled after my border collie puppy, one is a malamute, and the other is modeled after my golden retriever dog. How to make a doghouse from recycled cardboard. Smooth peanut butter; Small spatula Stack the cardboard strips in the box, cut sides up. Recycled Three Little Pigs Puppet Theater ~ A darling theatre made out of a box with a fun dry-erase board topper to write the title of the play.

4. Make sure to choose a whelping box that is big enough for your dog to stretch out and lie down in, but small enough that the puppies can’t get too far away from the mother. Draw the shape of the camper on a piece of poster board that's roughly the same size as the box and cut it out. Making home for your pet is always a fun task and if it is a dog, you will love to make his house made of woods.

She made a couch out of a romaine lettuce box, a complete village out of boxes and I even cleared out my dining room one time to accommodate the giant house she built with the box my bike came in, Your cat house is adorable. Stay safe and healthy. Fill the box bottom with cardboard strips.

Small cardboard boxes.From matchboxes, cereal boxes and other small package cardboard boxes, you can also find a use for these ones, especially useful for storage and as DIY drawers, though you can also make more creative crafts out of them. 14.