Can You Go to Beauty School Without a GED?
The major hurdle in pursuing this strategy is that most college students are using grants and student loans to pay for their education. It’s time to pursue your passion!

If you happen to go to a vocational high school it’s likely that you will be able to attend high school cosmetology. Vote Up 1 Vote Down Reply. This only makes sense as a majority of cosmetology training is conducted via hands-on experience. Dual Enrolment. Choosing the perfect cosmetology school with a good program is never an easy task for anyone. Whether a full-time or part-time student, it won’t be long before you have the license and can live the dream. Also, if you're wondering if you're too old to enroll in cosmetology school and start taking classes, the answer is "no!" In theory, a person may be able to take a college course while attending school for cosmetology, however, the cosmetology school may be on a full-time basis which may cause one … If you have a real passion for hair, makeup, nails and all other things beauty, then you are possibly considering a career in cosmetology. For more information on full-time and part-time options for cosmetology school, contact us. HI Jovanda! Yes. You will also be able to intern in order to gain experience in hair design, skincare and nail treatments. Admin . So what’s the schools name where do I find the school that let go to school for hair in also go for there ged. Tips For Balancing Cosmetology School With Work & Family by Salon Success Academy | April 16, 2013 | Under Cosmetology If you’re considering training for a new career in cosmetology or esthetics, you may be concerned about how you’ll keep working or …
Joe. Going To Beauty School While Attending College Going to beauty school at the same time as one works on their college degree is actually a pretty smart and flexible idea. The cosmetology school can guide you in making the best decision. The most over arching answer is yes, but ultimately it depends on the school in which you plan to enroll in, the cosmetology specialty you are interested in, and the state’s requirements. You will be able to study cosmetology while earning a diploma and take practical classes to give you a head start on your career. It's never too late to pursue a career you've always dreamed about.

Cosmetology School Requirements: Residency. Which is probably where the issue comes.

Why go to school when you can train in a beautiful high-end salon?

At Florida Academy’s Redken Premier School cosmetology program, you will get hands-on professional training that allows you to master basic, contemporary, and advanced cosmetology techniques – all in our modern salon. Vocational Schools.

In a few states such as California, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana and New Jersey, you can find schools that do accept students who have only completed 10th grade. But, before you can call yourself a professional, you will need to attend beauty school, to learn all the skills that you can’t pick up on Instagram tutorials.

6 years ago. Beauty schools do not provide GED courses as the are approved to teach beauty classes. 10-Month Cosmetology Program. Most coz programs are a few months of consecutive classes. Cosmetology college can be a great career path for anyone who enjoys styling and making people happy.We want to encourage you to follow your dreams and start studying to become a cosmetologist.If you’re still debating whether cosmetology classes are right for you or not, we have compiled 10 reasons why we think you should go.