You are entitled to 30 minutes of rest for every 5 hours of work. I put on my availability when I first started that my max amount of hours a week is 20. provided that employees meet the deadlines, etc. My wife Sam alone is unable to handle this situation for being on job for eight hours. I'm thinking about telling my boss this however because I am seasonal I don't want to piss them off because I'd … Asked by awomanscorned ( 11261 ) December 30th, 2010 from iPhone. […] My relationship with her is good and I am well liked. I started a new, temporary (2-3 month job) with my university last week. I understand that in this position we work until the job is done, but also that should allow some flexibility for the employee also. I am a manager in MD. If your employer tells you that he or she is unable to continue employing you on your current terms and conditions of employment you need to consider your employer’s request very carefully.

The most I've worked before was 23 hours.

If you work less than 30 hours per week then not technically an FTE so the employer may be finessing the headcount to stay below the statutory thresholds by cutting every one down in hours worked.

In that case you can search for useful things to do. If you can afford the cut in pay, cutting back your hours at work can help free up some of your valuable time and can make your life more manageable. You are entitled to 30 minutes of rest for every 5 hours of work. TACTIC: Bring up the flexible schedule topic after you’ve negotiated your starting salary. Ever since a few people quit about a month ago, my manager has changed my 20-25 hours a week to 40+ hours without asking.

Questions about Working Hours and Vacations Can my boss refuse to give me breaks? I'm going into grade 12 in about a month and want to enjoy the rest of summer instead of working all the time. Click on the bees below to find out about your right to request flexible working Any employee (other than an employee shareholder, see below) with 26 weeks of service with the same employer has the right to make a request to … Since it is just a retail job, you should just be upfront about it. The break can be taken all at once or broken into two 15-minute breaks. Questions about Working Hours and Vacations Can my boss refuse to give me breaks?

- Answered by a verified Employment Lawyer. […] Especially when we agreed 30 hours would be the most I’d work.

Asking your boss to cut your hours can be difficult; many small businesses prefer employees to work more hours, rather than less. If you’re having similar issues seeing eye to eye with your manager, take the advice I gave Sarah, and initiate a one-on-one meeting to ask these eight essential questions. Quitting would be easiest but I just can't. Ask what type of working hours the company keeps (policy).

As a boss these are the ones I feel have the most value to my organization: #1 honesty; tell your boss why you need more hours. Prove that you can be as productive as you are now working fewer hours. Can My Boss Do That? If you work less than 40 hours a week, you are considered part time (working less than 32 hours a week) with no benefits. But I don't know how to get it without burning bridges or completely letting my manager down. Before You Ask As my mom would say, it’s not always what you say that matters – it’s how you say it.

Combined between research I'm working 6 days a week. Be clear and concise and mention everything relevant.