disclaimer **DISCLAIMER** This is a Work In Progress! The brown dust source. Feedback is welcome feel free to make your own copy and change it up if you'd like If you disagree with a rating then message me / comment on reddit about it - Recommended Runes coming soon 4 and 3 stars are coming soon A Certain Magical Index or Toaru Majutsu No Index is an anime series that ran from 2008 to 2019 with a three season installment. The basic thing to remember is that the best characters are not always the easiest. Brown dust is an online RPG or role playing game. Sure they will change, but that doesn't mean you should ignore which units are good and which aren't. Hey there ! The anime has 74 episodes and all of them are canon. Brown Dust is looking for Partners! I will split the video in 2 parts since including Magicians & … Looking for A Certain Magical Index Filler and Canon Episodes List? The Official Brown Dust Site. Some of the ones that we haven’t mentioned might either be too weak (or bluntly said, useless) to be placed in here (like Dominique for example), or we just haven’t discovered their true strength yet. A guide to which mercenaries you should focus on rerolling in 2019. Brown Dust is looking for users who are interested in creating content or moderating the Brown Dust community. If you had an account previously, all your changes are still … Brown Dust Mercenaries Tier List And Re-rolling Guide With Probability % March 9, 2019 April 5, 2019 - by Admin - Leave a Comment. Best tier list by far! I will split the video in 2 parts since including Magicians & … The brown dust game features with a lot of mercenaries and characters in the game. So this would be all in this post on Brave Nine Tier List 2020 – Best Mercenaries. Kamijo is a student in Academy City, where people […] If you’ve started the game, this Brown Dust Tier list 2020 will help you choose the character that best suits your team. Brave Nine Tier List – Best Characters Guide 2020.

Some of the legendary characters can’t be purchased, so if you’re lucky to start the game with a legendary character, you should go. By admin on Thursday, April 9, 2020. This is possible with the brown dust tier list. Content Creator YouTube Creators and Twitch Streamers who can provide game-related contents. Tier 4 Mercenaries: Asera, Melody, Sloan, Lydia, Rigenette Now you need to know that from what we have tested thus far, these heroes are the ones that would fit in this tier list best. The characters are the ones who make the game special in every manner. Notes: These are recommended mercs for each class which includes Legendary mercs. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Intel gathered for putting together this tier list consists of data from top players, the community, Brown Dust subreddit, and in-game stats. This article was last updated on March 15, ... Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Reddit. Well, I'm personally quite a Tier List guy. There are so many different types of battles that no one can excel in all of them. Hopefully players that are starting on global will be able to have an easy start of the game more than I do. This tier list ranks the best mercenaries from the mobile game Brown Dust in tiers based on how powerful they are, their value on a team, place in the meta, etc.

Here's a quick overview on which 4 stars to focus on for the Warriors & Defenders specifically. Brown Dust is an RPG game with high-quality anime illustrations. The game features over 300 mercenaries and variety of skills. Brown dust tier list 2020. Find our more about Brown Dust's news! You will be able to make some pretty good heroes choices after going through our heroes tier list. Lucius is the best unit in the game ever since he was released almost 1 year ago. There is a different class for characters such as Warriors, Defenders, Magicians, and Supports. If you have been enjoying the game Brown dust or being playing for a while now, you might need a guide for choosing the best mercenaries in the game.In this writing we will unveil our brown dust heroes tier list. Thanks for the input! Our Brown Dust mercenaries (mercs) guide, showcases a tier list of the best characters that you should aim to collect and play with in the game. To acknowledge this change, the Brown Dust Unofficial Wiki has now moved to the Brave Nine Wiki.