You don't have to lay them flat but you do need to be able to seal the bag, and the contents have to … Answer 31 of 85: This is my first time travelling hand-baggage only. Mascara is supposed to be in the baggie. For liquids as long as they are I think 3-4 fluid ounces and you put it in a clear plastic bag and take it out when u go through the xray thingy you will be fine. Sealed sample packets of thigng like eye cream, hand cream, etc. I have never heard the people at the airport say you have to take lipbalm out because it is a liquid. I understand that my saline solution, BB cream, toothpaste and hand sanitiser will have to go in the liquid bag. The list of items currently restricted in carry-on baggage includes hand and body lotion, roll-on or aerosol deodorant, liquid makeup foundation, shampoo and conditioner, lip balms, liquid soaps, shave cream and mascara. Eyeliner pencils, lipsticks, powder blushers, powder eyeshadows and powder bronzer (for example) are fine to go in your cabin bag. The normal guideline is that all liquid must be in a bottle 100ml or less.

You can take a few 100ml items that you then put in the clear bag and take through security with you. No I have been on planes all my life because I have family all around the world. Liquids include toiletries such as shampoo, after-shave, hand or body lotion, mouthwash and liquid makeup. Non-Liquid Cosmetics. If you use liquid or gel eyeliner, it will be considered as a liquid on a plane. If it resembles a liquid or a gel, you should put it in your suitcase to avoid being asked to throw it away - airport security … also are supposed to go into the baggie. Your lipstick is definitely a liquid and I would think your deodorant is as well. Other types of non-liquid makeup, such as lipstick, powders and blushes, are allowed in your carry-on with no limits. Supposedly lipstick and chapstick is OK (solid) but lipgloss has to be in the baggie (liquid/gel). You can have up to 1 litre in your bag as long as the containers are no bigger than 100ml. UK Airports have DIFFERENT rules on which cosmetics have to go in liquids bags. Mascara, lipstick all count as liquid apparently. Now, in practice, it seems like a lot of TSOs have developed relaxed perspectives on some of these things, … Wipes are fine outside the baggie. You may also carry on solid lip balms with no restrictions; however, gel lip balms are subject to the rules for carrying on liquids.