1 Dialogue; 2 Locations. Home MyRSGP Buy OSRS Gold (PayPal) Contact Us Skill Calculators Other Calculators Hiscores Look-Up Equipment Compare Best In Slot XP Table Signature Generator OSRS Map Monsters Database Items List. Evil. Reason: Pre-EoC page, tactics need revising. There are safe spots in the area where you can safely range or Mage them. As an iron man trying to do black demons it fking sucks. A level 175 black demon is fought during the Grand tree quest. Home. They are quite dangerous and caution should be taken if you are fighting them. However, they are usually one of the most dangerous monsters in the dungeons they inhabit because of their accuracy and high max hit. 2.1 Normal; 2.2 Quest; 3 Drops. Contents. Advertise With Us OSRS Black demon … Where Found: Brimhaven dungeon, just before the metal dragons; Taverley dungeon, after the blue dragons; One for the final boss in The Grand Tree quest; Edgeville dungeon Buy OSRS Gold (PayPal) Sign In Register. Monsters DB. If you want to never you are going to need prayer potions and prayer boosting gear which may also be out of your budget. I get that I chose for this solo playstyle but ppl with cannons literally fuck up every world black demons for me to the point that I spend more time hopping then actualky killing them. Home. Edit.

Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page. NPC. History Talk (0) Share. Today's Change 1,763 + 2% 1 Month Change 3,879 + 6% 3 Month Change - 8,562 - 11% 6 Month Change - 37.5k - 35% You can help improve this page by editing it. Find everything you need to know about OSRS Black demon. Posted in OSRS PvM What slayer tasks to do and not to do! Strategies for Black demon < Black demon. For your situation I would blow your 2m on a cannon and cballs. Note: that when planning to train prayer with the ashes that are dropped, it is advised to bring infernal urns as this will grant more experience than just spreading the ashes. I always do black demon task. The black demon mask is obtained as a master clue scroll reward from Treasure Trails. OSRS Tools . Despite their combat level, Black demons have fairly low defence. Black demons are one of the strongest demons that inhabit multiple dungeons throughout RuneScape Classic. This article is a strategy guide for Black demon. Black demon mask.

If you decide to do the task I would go with ranging them. The xp is great!

Firstly you will need to take into consideration the reason you're doing slayer, for the majourity of players slayer is an easy access skill which enables them to gain some GP while training there combat levels, but for some slayer is a fast way to make GP regardless of combat levels.

Due to an update, this article may be out of date. I get that ppl want fast xp with cannon but it is still a dick move to do as you pretty much screw over those that arent cannoning who were there first. Current Guide Price 67.9k.