... best chinese knives, clone news, clone reviews, knife reviews. In fact, you should be wary of poorly made Chinese knives that are designed to trick consumers. I'm currently carrying a Small Sebenza 21 and have handled clones that feel really close.

My Social Networks + Favorite Knife and Gear Stores! Help me pick a Sebenza Clone!!! A saw, even the wire ones, give a better return for energy expended than do knives or axes! 4) The majority of Chinese knives aren't even intended for Western markets, especially clones. Whereas most automatic knives are moderately futuristic in their styling, Buck Knives — the legendary American knifemaking brand — has taken a different direction. For many people in the knife industry, those words are synonymous with inexpensive, low-quality knockoffs and fakes. Get a clone now, buy the real thing later. 2.3k Spyderco PITS Clone - New version of this interesting and special knife. Genuine Spyderco PITS here: Genuine Spyderco PITS Buck 110 Auto - Great dual action knife! After spending more time than it was probably worth on dhgate and aliexpress I still can't decide which Sebenza clone to buy. Purchase: $172.

All sorts of blades and brands (Ganzo, Sanrenmu, Green Thorn, Kevin John, Wild Boar, Vespa) are welcomed here. However, discount knife, Fixed Blade clone knives are so many at DHgate. Buying "clones" supports the production of more clones.. Then again, people that buy clones are all about looks and not the real deal. Mall Ninja knife style out there and it would be the last on my list to clone (not a direct copy but definitely the same style).

Concerns about authenticity of materials, labor conditions, and questionable business practices have created a stigma about Chinese made knives that has lasted for decades. Not every knife sold on the Chinese platforms is a clone (for example my Rike 1701, which is an original Rike knife announced by Mr Wu that was sold exclusively on those platforms).

Made in China. A “partial tang” Chinese chef knife means that the blade and the handle aren’t a single continuous piece.
The campaign ended over a year ago, but people still haven't received the knives …

(Google 'Made in China 2025' if you want to understand more about this.) That means the knife may be more prone to breakage where the blade and handle meet. Even the Custom Knife Shop knives..

the cheaper knives are also using sub par mystery materials. Currently, the best chinese chefs knife is the Shibazi Zuo F208. As with any kitchen knife, choosing a high-quality Chinese chef knife can help ensure that it is durable and well balanced.. Tang: The tang is the prong or shank that connects the blade to the handle. Tuesday, September 1, 2020 . Best Chinese and Budget Knives News, Reviews, Tests and Discussion. The District 9 knives that are sold at their Ali store are genuine District 9 knives and not a clones.

As brok3nlights mentioned, Sebenzas are made with incredibly high tolerances and quality (which is why CRK wins so many awards at BLADE, for years and years), and when you take that away in the case of knockoffs, you get an unsafe knife where the blade is exposed enough in the spine when closed that you can get cut (as what happened to xiuxiu1313).