LA série culte d'une génération avec Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev et Paul Wesley. I smiled softly, watching his chest slightly rise and fall as he slept.

Also, Mia is played by Adelaide Kane. Thus the Augustine Society, as the classified faction was known, made its priority to capture vampires and perform biological and chemical experiments on them. The best part of this plot was the Augustine vampire, a type of vampire who only craved for the blood of fellow vampires, and not humans, thanks to Dr. Maxfield’s Ripper Compound. Damon then remembers being part of Augustine back in the 1950 s. TWD4Life. In the beginning, as far as a season of TVD goes, it was pretty average, it was no season 5 in terms of bad quality. You were angry at yourself, too.

The Vampire Diaries Facebook The Vampire Diaries Twitter The Vampire Diaries Producer Teases Augustine Vampire, Statherine & Klaus' … View All The Vampire Diaries: Season 5 News ... Jesse becomes the Augustine vampire to kill other vampires so humans can t be fed on. For allowing yourself to get captured. I opened my eyes to notice that I was in an unfamiliar room in someone else's bed, to soon look up and realise that I was with Aaron. The reason he did it is because he was paid from the Augustine members. I only own Mia and any of my own scenes. Dr Whitmore walked over and turned the blade around in his hands, a pool of … They are a rare type of vampires who have been modified by … Retrouvez en exclusivité tous les replay, videos, exclus et news de Vampire Diaries sur TF1. Augustine // The Vampire Diaries: Prologue. "My name is not 'monster', it is Dr. Whitmore, and you, 21052, are a part of an institution for the Augustine society that runs experiments on vampires like yourself, who we number to keep track of." The Vampire Diaries TV Show Pop Quiz. Augustine Vampires List of characters in The Vampire Diaries that are or have been Augustine Vampires. Synopsis de la série Vampire Diaries 2009: Quatre mois après le tragique accident de voiture qui a tué leurs parents, Elena Gilbert, 17 ans, et son frère Jeremy, 15 ans, essaient encore de s'adapter à … Season 8: Used to not be that bad to me. The Vampire Diaries Fall TV Preview. You were furious at Wes for capturing you. Immediately the two share a connection and it doesn’t take long for them to start a relationship. Rolling an intravenous pole to the side of the examination table I was bound to, Maxfield pressed into the crook of my arm, inserted an IV line and taped it in place. These vampires made season 5 more fun to watch. "Start the drip," Augustine requested, and Wesley moved from his seat to carry out the task.