He began his military career with the Franco-Prussian War. Field Marshal August von Mackensen was one of the most successful commanders of World War I. Fascists, Royalists and Democrats alike have taken up arms against their former countrymen, and military units have been removed from the … August von Mackensen . The Battle of Łódź is a very near thing today as General August von Mackensen withdraws his right flank just in time to avoid being surrounded and completely destroyed by one Russian army in his own attempt to surround and destroy a second Russian army. Ludwig Friedrich August von Mackensen (Haus Leipnitz, Wittenberg megye, Poroszország (ma: Trossin (Szászország), 1849. december 6. Geburtstag von August von Mackensen.jpg 797 × 591; 75 KB Bundesarchiv Bild 183-L19106, Doorn, Beisetzung Kaiser Wilhelm II..jpg 1,600 × 1,092; 285 KB Burghorn 10 @02.JPG 4,608 × 3,456; 7.75 MB Beginning his army career in 1869, Mackensen served in various campaigns, received successive promotions, and, during World War I, took command of the combined German-Austrian 11th Army in … August von Mackensen was a German military leader who is remembered for his valiant contribution during World War I.

A sudden Wehrmacht coup, led by the famed Field Marshal August von Mackensen, has triggered a civil war in Germany early this morning.

Sponsored Links 42 (1916). Friedrich August Eberhard von Mackensen (24 September 1889 – 19 May 1969) was a German general who served in World War II, and one of 882 German recipients of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves.The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and its higher grade Oak Leaves was awarded to recognise extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership.

Mackensen joined the Leibhusaren Regiment in 1869 and fought in the Franco Prussian War of 1870–1871.

His service in the guard and his closeness to Emperor William II ensured his rapid advance in the army. He commanded with success during the First World War and became one of the German Empire's most prominent Military Leaders. von Mackensen föddes på Haus Leipnitz i byn Dahlenberg i den preussiska provinsen Sachsen.Efter skolgång i hembyn, Torgau och Halle, studerade han agronomi vid universitetet i Halle.

He commanded with success during the First World War and became one of the German Empire's most prominent military leaders.

Born a commoner in 1849 in the Prussian province of Saxony he joined the military and soon rose through the ranks to command the elite Life Hussar Regiment. German field marshal (1915). His brother Hans Georg was a SS Gruppenführer and died age 65, on 28-09-1947 in Konstanz. August von Mackensen (1849-1945), who was born on 6 December 1849, is considered one of the best field commanders of the German army during the First World War. August Von Mackensen — Feld maréchal August von Mackensen (1849 1945) … Wikipédia en Français. Anton Ludwig August von Mackensen (6. prosince 1849 − 8. listopadu 1945), narozený jako August Mackensen, byl pruský a německý voják a polní maršál (Generalfeldmarschall).Byl jedním z nejznámějších velitelů Německé armády během první světové války. It was often said that the Great War was "an old man's war." After the Armistice, Mackensen was interned for a year, he was made a Prussian state councillor in 1933 by Hermann Göring. Mackensen, August von — (1849–1945) A Prussian field marshal, August von Mackensen was born on December 6, 1849, in Saxony.