Bengali food generally consists of a variety of rice dishes,potato special,fresh water fish delicacies chicken, pulses, fries, cutneys, Bengali sweets, snacks and many more. Dhaba Style Aloo Palak is North Indian side dish. Dhaba Style Aloo Palak is popular gravy curry all over India in roadside restaurants specially in north side Indian cities, those roadside restaurants called is dhabas, there usually serve Punjabi foods and this aloo Palak curry also one of them. Palak Ka Saag is made exactly like Sarson Ka Saag.

Bengali recipes is an all time favourite for its spicy, aromatic and mouthwatering flavours for veg & non veg both. This recipe is popular in North-India and is considered a must made curry recipe during cold. Dhaba Style Aloo Palak is spicy spinach potato curry.

Kolmi Shak Bhaja Bengali style is a simple and delicious leafy greens recipe. ‘Palak ka Saag’ or ‘Palak Saag’ is Spinach Greens is a healthy, tasty and nutritious recipe made during the Winter season.