This 5 out motion offense is an extremely simple offense to teach that could be used for a number of reasons.

The 5 out motion offense is a basketball offense that primarily focuses on passing, cutting, and screening actions to create scoring opportunities via layups or open jump shots.. Team Shooting Drills for the 5 Out Offense.
Here is the 50 Series Motion Offense numbering system. Coach Pillion discusses the flexibility and personnel reasonings behind the offense and he believes the two toughest things to defend in Basketball are one, ball Movement and two, people movement, both of which encompass this offense. The 5-Out Motion Offense involves five people leaving and filling spots through typical basketball cuts and movements. The 5-out motion offense causes havoc on those teams who like to pressure the ball and jam the cutters. Primary offense.

This is not a dribble drive offense, this is an offense designed around motion principals with an emphasis on a 5 out lineup. By using this offense, players are able to spread the floor, read the defense and decide whether to curl cut or back cut.

Throughout my varsity career, we utilized this offense with great success because it opened up the lanes for dribble penetration and cuts that allowed us to utilize our team's quickness.

The 5 Out Spread and Go Motion Offense Playbook and the and the Spread and Go Motion Offense Drills Playbook is combined with Scott Peterman’s Ultimate Matchup Zone Playbook as this week’s eBook bundle.

9 After passing to Player 2, Player 1 basket cuts to try and receive the pass back.

Rule for getting out of the post is to back screen the wing once the ball leaves.

He must wait for the cutter to clear the post area. It’s a positionless offense that relies on spacing the floor and a set of rules that assists players to determine their movements and actions. Primary offense.

5 uses the ball screen attacking the middle.

The plays are from Kyle Pertuset’s Spread and Go Motion Offense.

You could use Coach Sar's open post "double-up" offense against either man-to-man or zone defenses. 3 sets a back sreen for 5. Once the basic concepts are learned, special patterns and plays can be designed by the coach to take advantage of his team's offensive strengths. READ AND REACT OFFENSE. Or allows you to continue 5 out motion offense. Team shooting drills are a chance for your players to familiarize themselves with the looks they’ll get in a game. 5 at the low block.

We run a really simple transition offense.

Or take a look at the 5-out zone offense below, which creates movement, has continuity, and is simple and easy to learn.

5 Out Motion Offense: Middle Push Reads KJ Smith 08/14/2018. 2 cross screens for 5, timing it so 5 arrives at the block as 1 brings the ball to the wing. This extra pass can give you a better angle to hit 4 rolling into the post area.