Bullet Type Primer. Discontinue firing at the first sign of excessive pressure or upon noticing a change in the report of the firearm. IMR 4831 has a slightly slower burn rate speed than IMR 4350. 1. Load Data. Retumbo adds 40-100 fps more velocity to these cartridges when … Then select your bullet weight, powder manufacturer and powder type. Never exceed maximum loads because excessive chamber pressure will result.3. retumbo This magnum, extruded powder was designed expressly for the really large overbored cartridges such as the 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum, 300 Remington Ultra Magnum, 30-378 Weatherby Magnum, etc. Load data that I've received from Walt Berger for the 210 VLD H1000 85.3grs 2833fps to 91.6grs 3038fps 30-06 152 RNGC 54.0 1760 60.0 2000 180 FNGC 54.0 1759 60 1999 210 RNGC 54.0 1772 60.0 2014 45-70 405 54.0 1025 60.0 1165 11,700 PSI Nosler data shows that their 180 grain bullets can be driven to a MV of 3089 fps by 92.0 grains of H1000, or a velocity of 3225 fps by a maximum load of 96.0 grains of H1000 powder. 300 AAC Blackout Load Data; 30-30 Winchester Load Data; 30/40 Krag Load Data; 308 Marlin Express Load Data ; 300 Savage Load Data; 308 Winchester Load Data; 30 Thompson Center Load Data; 30-06 Springfield Load Data; 300 Ruger Compact Magnum (RCM) Load Data; 308 Norma Magnum Load Data; 30-06 Springfield Ackley Improved Load Data; 300 Rem Short Action Ultra Magnum Load Data; 300 …
Dump it and try to cut your losses. It provides top velocities and performance with heavier bullets in medium-sized magnums. If their is another powder that may yield higher velocities let me know. .300 Remington Ultra Mag (Lyman Reloading Handbook 49th Edition) reloading data with 102 loads. The stuff I have is regular old 4831 (not short cut).

Read HERE for a complete list of cartridges included in the manual. .300 RUM (Remington Ultra Magnum) - Manufacturer Loading Data . Just thought I would start a thread where we could share some 300 RUM load info. The Berger Bullets Reloading Manual is available for purchase through your favorite Berger dealer. Discontinue firing at the first sign of excessive pressure or … Powders include Hodgdon, IMR I thought so, my later Accurate Arms load data manual was no help, but the old red one has the following . Hodgdon ® Powder, IMR ® Powder and Winchester ® Powder expressly disclaim any and all warranties with respect to any and all products sold or distributed by them, the safety or suitability thereof, or the results obtained including, without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and/or any other warranty.
If you're unsure, or just want options, check as many boxes as you'd like. 104.0- 3019fps 105.0- … I am most likely going to be shooting 180-210 grain bullets, which powder would yield the highest velocities, Retumbo or RL-25? Never begin loading with the maximum powder charge shown in these reloading data tables, regardless of your experience.2.

Hornady Manufacturing Company develops and publishes reloading data for the Handbook of Cartridge Reloading.Occasionally, we will temporarily publish load data on this page when a bullet becomes available and is not yet listed in the latest edition of the handbook. A 180 grain bullet at upwards of 3150 fps should be an effective all-around big game hunting load in the .300 Ultra Mag. Cartridge.

Powders include IMR, Hodgdon, Accurate, Alliant, Vihtavuori, Ramshot ATTENTION: New reloading data … OAL was 3.515" with Rem brass, 142 SMK's and CCI LRM primers.

The load data given you with the deal was a thinly veiled attempt to cover up the abuse of the rifle with invalid logic.

Using bullets from Swift Jacketed Scirocco, Nosler Jacketed Ballistic Tip, Cast #311644 gas check, Swift Jacketed A-Frame. Click "Get Data" to view results. Well IMR-8133 isn’t gonna be an option for my 338 terminator (338 Lapua improved with plus P throat) I started my test loads at 103.0 grains, pushing a 300 grain Berger Elite hunter.

Never begin loading with the maximum powder charge shown in these reloading data tables, regardless of your experience.2. If you are interested in the most recent data for cartridges and/or bullet weights/styles not listed on this page, contact Barnes Consumer Service department to inquire about recommended loads and approximate timing for the data to be made available via email at customerservice@barnesbullets.com or by phone at 800.574.9200.. ** 103.0- 2998fps, 3008fps, 2975fps. Find what you need in four easy steps. **All loads had a stiff bolt lift. When I purchased bullets from Berger I asked them through email for some loading data which they were happy to provide.

Using bullets from Barnes XLC BT, Barnes XBT, Sierra SPBT, Swift SP, Barnes TTSX BT, Speer SPBT, Hornady SPBT, Barnes XFB, Nosler AB, Nosler Part. We used Remington brass and the Federal 215 primers in all the loads. I will have to look but somewhere I have chrono data for 8X57 and load data for the others. 1. 300 RUM at the range I got the ok from HH6 to go to the club today to air out the 300 rum to 600 yds. I'm trying to come up with a good load for my 300 RUM. This manual contains data for over 70 of the most popular centerfire rifle cartridges used today. Advise: Choose a rifle that fits your body with features you select in a caliber that has all the power you … . Next trip is going to take me prone out to 800yds.