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Project Proposal- NOLA's First Marriage Proposal Planner

There are few life milestones as important as getting married. And proposing is a big part of the marriage experience.

Kellie & Greg, The Sunset on the Beach Story

“All I remember was saying, ‘Oh my God, GET UP! Get up!! This isn’t really happening, Greg, get up!’”

Kellie & Greg, The Sunset on the Beach Story

365 Day Musical Whiteboard Engagement

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Dean proposes to his girlfriend Jennifer of the course of 365 days.

National Parks Valentine's Day Video

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This isn't exactly a proposal story, but we thought it was good enough to share.

Our love story

Manny and I met in August 2010 at a mutual friends birthday party. A party that I almost missed had my friends not met me after being lost in Brooklyn New York for over an hour.