The Glove and Boots Wedding Proposal

funny Video

A fan of the Glove and Boots video blog contacted it's authors and asked them to help with a proposal.

It was so sweet!!

I had to work all weekend. When I got home sunday night he had our favorite chinese take out waiting. We sat down to eat and he casually mentioned that the

The Dancing Dinosaur

Charlie, where to start.

I met Charlie while I was working at a Bikram Yoga studio my Junior year in college.

The Perfect Moment!

On July 2, 2011 I decided to take my family on a last minute get away. We traveled over to Myrtle Beach, S.C.

4th times a charm.....kinda

In Cuba, Brendan had been planning to propose the first night at a fondue restaurant.

My Surprise

When my fiancé proposed, I was not expecting it. We went out to dinner with my parents at a locally owned pizza joint. It's not a very clean place, but we have some friends there.

how i got engaged

funny Video

my fiancee and I got engaged March 3rd 2008 unexpectly didn't even realize that i picked my own engagement ring out.

Center Stage

Me and my Marine boyfriend were at a family pig roast having fun drinking and dancing..there was a hired band playing the whole night and me and my boyfriend were was funny because right w

sun set point

I have been dating my fiance Robert for 4 years now. we meet at a wedding and always dreamed of having one of our own but i never thought he would propose to me.