Cute Engagement Stories

Romantic Beach Proposal

I began planning about one month prior. I searched for a place that sells real rose pedals and I found one that would give me 700 rose pedals.

Helicopter Proposal Story

On April 4th, 2012, Lauren woke up, got ready, and went to work like any other weekday. It was around 7 AM, and she woke up Sean to say goodbye like she does every morning.


In order to announce my engagement to friends and family who are far away I made a cartoon blog about our relationship and our story.
It was a big hit!!

Emergency Room

On February 14,2010 my boyfriend proposed to me. It wasn't a good day though, well until then. I was actually scheduled till 7pm and I had gone into work at 10:30am, which SUCKED!!

Center Stage

Me and my Marine boyfriend were at a family pig roast having fun drinking and dancing..there was a hired band playing the whole night and me and my boyfriend were was funny because right w

Modern engagement

i went home to visit my parents one week. And one night we were talking on aim about how much we loved each other and we were both confessing our live.