Logan and Kate: When Distance Doesn't Matter

It was Saturday, April 26, 2014. I knew that it was the big day! I started off that normal Saturday by taking Kate to one of her favorite restaurants in California: P.F.

A Social Media Proposal

california Video

It's only fitting that when @hoon who works at Facebook decided to propose to his girlfriend @g

Gawker Slow Down

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Though police weren't amused by the proposal that shut down Hwy 10 east of Los Angeles, it's unique and we felt that it was a proposal we had to share with our community.

LA Marathon Proposal

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After completing the LA marathon Ryan drops down on one knee and proposes to his girlfriend. Impressive that proposing was the first thing on his mind after running 26 miles!

The Rock Inside a Rock


We knew we were the ones for each other from the first night we met, when I wished on a shooting star to keep him forever. A week later we set a date for our wedding.