Vintage Music Themed Proposal in New Orleans

Misty was taking me to New Orleans as a surprise for my birthday. I found out and thought, what a perfect place to propose, so I flipped the surprise! However, I was having trouble finding the location. I knew I wanted it to be elegant, and I wanted it to be an experience. I also wanted 153 red roses. One rose for each month we were together, but that was all I knew. I had several failed attempts at securing a courtyard. They couldn’t guarantee privacy and were a little weird about all the roses. As a back-up plan, I reserved dinner at Court of Two Sisters, but that didn’t feel like the right place to propose. Time was flying by, so I decided to call event planners. Sapphire Events referred me to Stacey Asaro, owner of Project Proposal NOLA. She was amazing! Her and I hammered out ideas and details. This is what Misty experienced the night of the proposal… Misty believed she was going on an elegant evening tour of Plantation homes. I made sure her dress, shoes, hair, and nails looked great. I didn’t want her to feel anything less than perfect. Our driver picked us up from Four Points Sheraton in the French Quarter at 8:00 pm.

The vehicle was a loaded Jaguar SUV. Bobby played the part of a chauffeur. He was so fun! We drove around, stalling until the lighting outside was dark enough. When we arrived at Southern Oaks Plantation, Bobby pulled along a privacy wall of cement and greenery. We couldn’t really see inside yet. After we got out of the car, Bobby’s line was to tell Misty to “follow the roses”. Misty looked at me weird because the line was unique. She noticed that I didn’t look surprised, so she thought I must have known something. Overall, she had no clue what was about to happen. When we started walking down the sidewalk, the place was gorgeous. Immediately, she commented on the beautiful elegance. As requested, the Spring movement of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons was playing. The walkway was passionately outlined in bouquets of roses that hung from shepherd hooks. I put notes in three of them. The first was cryptic and said, “153 red roses” because we had been together almost 13 years which equates to 153 months. One rose for each month. The next card said, “these are your roses” at which time Aaliyah “I Care 4 U” started to play throughout the plantation. This song was our first slow dance ever. She felt something was happening but was in disbelief. The last card read, “When I dreamed of you and you dreamed of me, we found each other. When we opened our eyes our dreams had come true.” We were standing by a whimsically lit fountain surrounded by candle light. At this point, lights came on under a large mossy Louisiana Oak Tree. Now, she knew for sure. I asked her to walk with me. Under the Oak Tree there was an even more personalized scene. Two end tables surrounded a vintage French settee full of perfectly placed pillows. The end tables complemented our love for music. One table held a vintage microphone and a metronome along with a case of records. The other table supported a classic-style Trumpet Horn record player. Fresh rose pedals blanketed the area. In the privacy of a New Orleans plantation, where she could feel comfortable, I dropped to one knee and asked if she would marry me.