A true love story sent from God

OK how David and I met, I think is one of the best stories that shows just how much God really does look out for our happiness.

Let me start by sketching a small b/w picture of our past so you can truly see the beautiful picture of us and our future. David and I both have been married 3 different times before. Each not working or lasting because each was not ordained by the Lord. Because of Justin (Justin is my physically and medically challenged son) and his extensive needs I gave up looking and told God I wanted nothing else to do with men, ALL men. I wouldn't even talk to them freely at church. David on the other hand was going through his own battles of which is best said in his testimony he has posted in his notes, all of which timing coincided with mine. This started for me back in 1996 and from what he's told me it was the same timing for him. so that sketches the pathway leading up to where/how we met.

So this brings us to the beautiful color picture that brought us together. In 2004 I told God I was finally tired of being alone and was ready to try one more time. He gave me the same dream almost nightly for 3 months straight. In this dream I saw in full color the man who was to be my husband; if I waiting on God's timing. God even gave me a first name! And yet for another 3 years after that still no-one coming close to him came into my life. Then in 2007 I accepted a friends request from David on FaceBook, because we played the same game and I needed neighbors. His profile picture was then just as it is now, always some scenery so I never saw his face because I had no interest in going into his picture files. then last year; in 2010 (are u noticing the number 3 pattern yet that God loves to use?) He posted a status asking for prayer for an issue he was having and I replied. Still not seeing the real him. We then started talking thru comments and uplifting each other in different areas, and "poking" each other daily and several times a day.

Another 3 months went by of just commenting on status posts and poking bringing us into March and we were talking for about 3 days when he finally changed his profile picture to one of himself that is when I knew with no uncertainties that he was indeed to be my husband. I only had one problem/question left, the name God gave me was William NOT David, so how could David fill everything except the name? I was to find out 3 weeks later that his first name IS William, David, which he insists on using, is his middle name. And one day he sent me an ibox message giving me his phone number and telling me any time I wanted or needed to talk about anything to give him a ring. He said I might even get to hear him sing. That night I had a meeting to go to and never once the rest the day or evening thought about his message. I went to my car after the meeting and sat there and called without even realizing I did it. But, (and here's where God's blessings really start to shine;) the moment he answered I fell into tears, he thought something was terribly wrong with Justin but they were tears of joy because I knew without a shadow of a doubt he was the one God sat aside for me. I heard it in his voice. And something inside him told him we'd be together too, although he didn't accept this as readily as I did because he didn't get the same 'pre-notice' as I did. So we started talking every day on the phone for hours on end, up to 10 hours non-stop a few times, and within 3 weeks we knew EVERYTHING about each other from birth to date including things a lot of spouses sometimes never know until married for at least a year. All awhile never admitting to each other our love and yet it was like we've known each other our whole lives. On the 21st of March 2010 we finally openly said I love you to each other and history fell into it's place as the future began to shine through.

Then Satan had to throw a wedge in after 3 months of this and he (David)started doubting that we were of God's blessings and calling it all off this week and back on the next until the day after my birthday (Aug) I said I can't take it any more to God and I tried and tried to forget him. God had other plans, Praise The Lord! and likewise David tried to move on, but he could never find anyone he was comfortable with and God kept giving me my dream from years back. So anyway closing this story up;

Then in October 2011 he finally contacted me (I refused to contact him even though I truly wanted to) and we started talking and 3 (there's our 3 again,lol) days later on the 16th I opened my FaceBook to find a status from him saying, and I quote;
Missionary Driver David Harris

I cried like a baby and replied, again and I quote,
"As the sky is blue and the day is young, I thought this day would never come, Y E S!!!!"

and that as they say is that. And before the question comes up, no, we have never met in person yet, but that doesn't matter because God has promised us that we are and always will be the perfect match for each other, complimenting and encouraging, understanding and encouraging the other. Oh and the way cool other part is as soon as his daughters found out and we (the girls and me) started talking they accepted me right off. And I've come to love them already as one of my own. I think they are more excited and anxious for our wedding sometimes than we are. every time he'd called it off they'd get down on him and tell him he best fix it and fix it fast.